Living Like Bobby

Briskey creating YouTube content while outdoors

Natalia Huanosto, Front Editor

May 29, 2018

“Live life your way, everyday, 365 days.” This motto appears so simple and straightforward. All one must do is follow their heart and they will feel content with their existence. Yet, according to many statistics and specifically the Harris Poll, reports show that American happiness is at an all...

City of Michael: The Story of an LA Influencer

A self portrait of Michael Korte captured by @scotlondon on Instagram

Ashley Ramynke, Feature Editor

January 28, 2017

Frontline: When did you start your YouTube channel 'City of Michael'? Michael Korte: I started my Youtube channel when I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. With the most pure of intentions, I wanted to be creating original, creative started with just one subscriber...whom most likely was...

YouTube presents “Girls Night In”

YouTube presents

Chandler Herrera, Fringe Editor

October 2, 2015

A popular group of fashion/lifestyle Youtuber’s take their vlogging talents and ideas on the road, currently this fall. The girl’s created a tour based solely on entertainment, meeting the needs of what their subscribers and fans want to see. The show starts at 8 o’clock sharp with their opening...

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