What The World Has Come To

MASS MASSACRES: Statistics from all around the world regarding homicides.

Fatima Shamsi, Online Manager

December 18, 2015

  We live in a world that allows stark atrocities to occur in the name of civilization. A world, in which warfare is used as a mean of protection. Numerous bombings, hate crimes, and mass gun shootings have occurred in larger numbers than they have in the past. MMXV witnessed many events of...

Why we Need to Give Peace a Chance

Why we Need to Give Peace a Chance

Megan Cox, Front Editor

May 7, 2015

38 million people were displaced last year according to Geneva's Internal Displacement Monitoring Center. Having trouble grasping what 38 million is? Combine the populations of London, New York, and Beijing. Violence caused 30,000 people to flee their houses a day, due to violence. At no other time...

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