In Case You Missed It

Natalia Huanosto, Op/Ed Editor

September 5, 2016

The week can get very busy, leaving little time to catch up on current events. Here's some of biggest headlines this week.   Mother Teresa was declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church early Sunday morning in Vatican City. This is nineteen years after her passing.  The FBI has released...

Looking Toward the New Year

Many anticipate the upcoming year

Celia Janes, Op/Ed Editor

December 31, 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, people are beginning to reminisce about all that has happened this year.  It certainly has been groundbreaking, with the “dress debate,” Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, and recently, the Miss Universe fiasco.  While we look back at what has happened this year, both globally...

Why we Need to Give Peace a Chance

Why we Need to Give Peace a Chance

Megan Cox, Front Editor

May 7, 2015

38 million people were displaced last year according to Geneva's Internal Displacement Monitoring Center. Having trouble grasping what 38 million is? Combine the populations of London, New York, and Beijing. Violence caused 30,000 people to flee their houses a day, due to violence. At no other time...

Just Like You

history in the making

Denisse Brito, editor-In-Chief

April 15, 2015

Lazy, runaways, drugs, and alcohol almost always follow the term “homelessness.” Behind every face there is a story and behind every story there is a reason as to why they lead the lives they live. The leading cause of homelessness is not the typical stereotype (example: drugs), but instead is the...

Tragedy in Kenya

Here, Garissa is highlighted on a map of Kenya

Lily Sanz, Editor-in-Chief

April 4, 2015

On Thursday, April 2nd, a brutal attack occurred in Garissa University College in Garissa, Kenya by a notorious militant group called Al-Shabaab (“The Youth”). This multi-ethnic militant group is based in Somalia (bordering Garissa) and has murdered over two hundred people in Kenya in the pa...

The Band Sheppard

The Band Sheppard

Denisse Brito, Editor-In-Chief

March 17, 2015

The Australian band Sheppard, whose infectious song “Geronimo” topped the charts, is now opening up for All About That Bass singer Meghan Tranior. The band consists of members Jay Bovino, Michael Butler, Dean Gordon George Sheppard, Amy Sheppard and Emma Sheppard. While George, Amy and Emma are siblings,...

Tensions Rising in North Korea

Tensions Rising in North Korea

Megan Cox, Front Editor

March 12, 2015

After the U.S. and South Korea held a joint military exercise on Friday, February 27th Kim Jong Un was deeply angered. Sunday, March 1st he made multiple threats to the welfare of America, including, "I want to tear to pieces the Stars and Stripes." The North Korean dictator is now calling for his...

Massacre in Nigeria

Michelle Obama holds sign: #BringBackOurGirls

Megan Cox, Front Editor

February 4, 2015

Boko Haram is a militant Islamic extremist group that has been terrorizing Nigeria for over a decade. Their name “Boko Haram” translates to “Western education is forbidden,” and the terrorist group’s main agenda to is to eradicate anything related to Western society; this includes voting and...

Why “The Interview” is exactly what the world needs

Franco (left) and Rogen (right) play TV journalists assigned to assassinate Kim Jong-Un

Hannah Sutherland, Online Manager

January 22, 2015

Is this film relatively insensitive to the evil occurring in North Korea? Sure. On the other hand, can it be considered a crown-jewel in the name of free speech? Of course it can. Look past all the mixed views, and it can be clearly seen that this film serves a far greater purpose in the grand scheme of things.



Tori Nguyen, Photographer

January 15, 2015

20 year old, Christopher Cornell, had been wanted by the FBI for various posts, on social media, about planning an attack on the U.S. Capitol. He was hiding under the name of "Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah", and hatched an elaborate scheme similar to the recent attacks that were in France. Cornell was then arreste...

Boko Haram Strike Nigeria in ‘Deadliest Massacre’ Yet

These outrageous acts of violence have called the attention of many but there has been no cease to the injustices

Jenevieve Haug, Media & Arts Editor

January 11, 2015

Countless bodies have begun to pile up in Nigeria due to mass killings by terrorist group Boko Haram. So many have been killed that the local defense group has given up on counting. This violence is so large and impactful yet it is often referred to as Nigeria's forgotten massacre. Why? For years...

The Michael Brown Misunderstanding

Protestors in Ferguson march for Michael Brown

Hannah Sutherland, Online Manager

December 15, 2014

...let’s take a look into the life of Michael Brown. The 6’4”-tall, 292-pound man was no stranger to the justice system, possessing a string of juvenile crimes ranging from domestic violence to gang affiliation. And, people seem to forget that on the day of his shooting, he and his friend, Dorian Johnson, were captured on camera strong-arm robbing a convenience store and physically assaulting the store’s owner.

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