Volleyball Captain

Volleyball Captain

Ai-Vi Allred, Online Manager/Photographer

September 6, 2018

Frontline:  What are some of your hopes for this season? Hailey Gray: “To make it to playoffs and to have fun.” FL: What are some of your keys to success? HG: “Play hard, work hard and have fun and love what you do.” FL: Why did you decide to play your sport?   HG: “I ha...

Talent is Not in Short Supply

Talent is Not in Short Supply

Alyssa Tierney, Online Manager

October 13, 2017

Libero: noun. the rearmost, roaming defensive player in volleyball. Also where the shortest player on the court is located. Standing just above five-foot, Katie Real is one of the liberos for the Varsity volleyball team. Her position is to sub in for the middle blocker and pass back row. However, at the...

Vanguard Volleyball Serves Up A New Manager

Victoria Tran, Social Media Director/Media Editor

August 28, 2017

Just as the school year starts up again, so do the fall sports. For the 2017-2017 school year, first-year freshman manager Vivienne Tran will have to to look out for the books as well as the balls. Frontline: How do you feel about being part of the team as a non player? Vivienne Tran: I don't feel as excluded as people...

Serve, Set & Spike

Ivan Navarro, Sports Editor

May 23, 2016

Andrew Reina (Also known as by his teammates) “Bang Bang”. Getting his nickname from how powerful his hit is on the volleyball. Andrew Reina is the varsity captain for the men's volleyball team of our El Modena High School, setting records almost every game with kills against Villa Park High School ...

Boys’ Volleyball Recap

Standing Tall: Freshman Caden Perkins, senior Ivan Navarro, senior Andrew Reina, senior Radu Filimon, junior Kirran Acosta Smith, and senior Anh Tran stand waiting for warm ups to conclude.

Andrew Reina, El Mo News

March 31, 2016

The past four games for the Vanguards haven't been the smoothest, but the team has gone 3-1 in the stretch of games. 3/17 El Dorado El Modena faced inner conference foe El Dorado on spirited Thursday night.  The Vanguards jumped out to an early lead winning set one. However, set two and three wo...

Tim Vorenkamp: Not letting life hold you down.

Tim Vorenkamp: Not letting life hold you down.

Everett Earl, Photographer

January 17, 2016

Imagine living with cancer and still being able to fill your life with fun, thrills, bravery, and the thoughtfulness of others. Although not a long life, the 18 years Tim Vorenkamp had been blessed with did exactly that. Diagnosed in 8th grade with an aggressive form of cancer, Vorenkamp stood tall...

Jump Serving Into the Future

Jump Serving Into the Future

Mackenzie Watkins, Advertising Editor

January 12, 2016

Frontline: How long have you been playing volleyball and where have you played at? Kianna Snow: I have been playing volleyball at El Modena High School for four years and I have been playing with Club Green for two years and the SoCal Juniors Volleyball Club for two years as well.   F...

Three New Coaches, In Three Years

El Modena's 2015-2016 Girl's Varsity Volleyball's Newly Announced Team

Presley Lozano, Style Editor

August 31, 2015

Some of the players on this year's 2015-2016 team have been asked a series of questions regarding year's season. Five varsity athletes share their thoughts, hopes, and feelings concerning the new year.   El Modena's Varsity Volleyball girls prepare for a new season this fall, but this is not...

Hailey Gray: A Legend In The Making

Freshman Hailey Gray posing for her club volleyball pictures.

Mackenzie Watkins, Social Media Advisor

August 30, 2015

   Walking through the halls of El Modena emerges a new face, Freshman Hailey Gray. As the new stud starts to take on high school, Gray also takes on the Girl's Varsity Volleyball team as their newest setter.   When Gray was younger, she started out only playing volleyball in the pool with her...

Exclusive Interview with Coach Cahill

The new head coach of the Boy's Volleyball program smiles as the future looks bright.

Andrew Reina, El Mo News

August 30, 2015

Coach Cahill started his teaching career at El Modena back in 1989 as a Physical Education teacher and moved on to coach girls and boys basketball. In 1992, Cahill and another physical education teacher started the boys volleyball program. Cahill was an assistant head coach and Junior Varsity coach,...

El Modena Boys’ Volleyball Tryouts

Caitlin Nguyen, Head Photographer

January 12, 2015

Last year, the El Modena Boys' Volleyball team hired a new coach, Shawn Hunter. After a season of hard work and determination, the Varsity team made CIF for the first time in a long time. Now, the returning Coach Hunter has his sights set on a successful new season. Boys' Volleyball tryouts will be...

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