• June 55 killed in Orlando workplace shooting

  • June 57 killed, 48 injured in London Bridge attack

  • May 26G7 leaders meet in Sicily, discuss anti-terrorism, global warming

  • May 26Man hijacks Dept. of Corrections van with inmates inside

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Merciful Darkness

Merciful Darkness

Mackenzie Watkins, Advertising Editor
April 10, 2016
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I became what I am today at the age of twelve, the past claws its way out. My past of unatoned sins, knees drawn to my chest, I was the snake in the grass, the monster in the lake. Blameless blue, blinding white, I felt his glare on me like the heat of a blistering sun. Let’s fly. The...

The Brother I Always Never Had

The Brother I Always Never Had

Everett Earl, Photographer
March 31, 2016
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The winter of 1975 I remember the precise moment That was a long time ago Its wrong You can burry it The past claws its way out There is a way to be good again - Hassan Face like a Chinese doll Harelip smile Never denied me anything Always took the blame Hazaras Hassan’s people - Hassan and...

The student news site of El Modena High School
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