Trick or Trouble?

October 18, 2018

  What is Halloween to the average teenager? Do they think of candy or beer? Halloween is a time of year where everyone celebrates this spooky season.   Perhaps the most festive group, teenagers, is the least sure about how to spend their Halloween night. In preparation, some are planning ...

Fashionable Friendly Prices for Teens

Fashionable Friendly Prices for Teens

Abby Sheppard, Ads & Distribution

September 14, 2016

Target is making a comeback in their clothing department not only for women but men as well. Now, according to each season their clothing department seems to coordinate with the latest and greatest fashion statements. From red, white and blue bathing suits, all the way to fall boots, coats and jacke...

Procrastination: The Fine Art of a Teenager

Procrastination: The Fine Art of a Teenager

Everett Earl, Photographer

March 27, 2016

Little is procrastination given any credit for being anything but evil. Ultimately blamed for late assignments and poor grades, procrastination is scarcely recognized for the great work that periodically flowers from its process. Instinctual thought is seen to be a pure flow of ideas coming straight...

Shut Up and Sit Up

Shut Up and Sit Up

Christina Davenport, Media & Arts Editor

March 16, 2016

Feeding you  insecurity for breakfast They tell you sit up and shut up You’re a mess, a chatterbox, a “class act” teen Looking in the bathroom mirror Asking what’s wrong with me But you were wired To ignore the light And only see the fire That destroys   Th...

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