The Rising Voice

Due to modern technology, the influence of teens has never been more widespread.

Christina Davenport, Media & Arts Editor

March 30, 2016

As the age of technology continues, teenagers now have more influence than they ever possessed. Their  voices are heard through their posts, their comments on anonymous apps, their tweets. Never before have teens had such a definitive voice in culture, in media, in politics. Young adults are taking...

Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto

Domo Arigato...Mr. Roboto

Francesca Sarmiento, Staff Writer

January 10, 2016

   As robotics nerds, picture Bill Gates, across the nation eagerly counted down to the reveal of FRC’s 2016 Stronghold game, Frontline was there amongst the crowd, and it was electric...and a bit solar as well. Great minds of our tech future huddled to discuss the possibilities and strategize. ...

All About Bowie

All About Bowie

Francesca Sarmiento, Staff Writer

December 18, 2015

A technical perspective.

Underrated Inventors

Fatima Shamsi, Online Manager

November 18, 2015

The twenty-first generation lacks appreciate of the most simplistic forms of technology because the new-age mechanisms triumph the simplistic machinery. It is necessary that each person today remembers certain creations and their creators to acknowledge their hard efforts in eras where the resources...

Powering the Future

Solar power on a molecular level.

Megan Cox, Front Editor

April 9, 2015

Many technologies are under development to create energy efficiency: wafer-based cells, gallium arsenide commercial thin-film cells, and emerging thin-film technologies (perovskites, organic materials, dye-sensitized solar cells, and quantum dots). A new company, Ubiquitous Energy, is making the world’s...

Apps that matter: Inchy

Inchy screenshot

Hannah Sutherland, Online Manager

March 11, 2015

What we’ve seen in the past is apps gaining unprecedented popularity only to completely fizzle out within a month’s time. Angry Birds was inarguably the hottest app of 2011. Flappy Bird was the biggest app for a month last year. Quiz Up went strong for a week. Wow, a week.

Duolingo: learning languages quickly and effectively

Duolingo sharpens translation skills between languages

Hannah Sutherland, Online Manager

February 11, 2015

A recent study conducted by the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina showed that an average of thirty-four hours spent on Duolingo was equivalent to one full semester of university-level language education. If by chance you played an hour each day, you could theoretically complete eleven weeks worth of foreign-language work in just thirty-four days.

Trivia Crack: The Game That is Sweeping El Mo

Trivia Crack is available now on the App Store for free download

Caitlin Nguyen, Head Photographer

January 15, 2015

Recently, El Modena High School has been affected with an extremely addictive game. Move aside Quiz-Up, there's a new alpha in town. Students and teenagers all over the world have consistently become addicted to multiple apps.  For example, the mindless app Flappy Bird trapped players into a competetive...

Generation iPhone?

The generations of iPhones to accompany Generation iPhone.

Kelsey Luce, Staff Writer

January 15, 2015

Should kids be taught how to live a life that is not controlled by iPhones?

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