Teachers on Break

Daphne Marsters, Staff Writer

September 26, 2019

   This past summer, Mr. Finn spent most of his time in summer school. “That’s kind of boring, but I did that because I needed money for my son’s first college tuition payment,” said Finn. When he had some time off from summer school, he often went to the Del Mar Racetrack. On the topic of t...

Dear Mrs. Jansen and Mrs. Werner

(Top to bottom) Mrs. Jansen and Mrs. Werner smile for their official staff photos.

Ashley Ramynke, Feature Editor

May 26, 2017

Mrs. Jansen began teaching at El Modena in 1998, and over a span of nineteen years has graced the Language Department by teaching multiple languages: German 1/2/3/4/AP, Spanish 1, English 9, and Beginning English and Reading. Intermingled with her role as a teacher, Mrs. Jansen also acts as an Academ...

The Heart of Education

Photo via Wikimedia under creative commons license.

Markus Albihn, Front Editor

May 10, 2017

Around the age of five or six, one enters the new world of learning associated with elementary school. They meet a man or woman who has made it their purpose to spread knowledge to every youthful, voracious mind they meet.   They’re taught the alphabet, the glories of sharing, the skill of reading, a...

Teacher Dinner Party

Teacher Dinner Party

James Joslyn, Photographer

March 30, 2017

If you could have one artist or band play at a dinner/party you are hosting, who would it be? Mull/English: I would have the Foo Fighters play, the vibe would be great as well as the energy. Benner/History: Jimmy Hendrix he created the sound of modern rock and roll guitar sound. Haug/English...

From Calculus to Choreography

First place winners at the fifth annual Dancing with the Teacher after their victory

Ashley Ramynke, Feature Editor

December 10, 2016

For weeks the El Modena campus was covered in a plethora of everything from flyers to pins to advertise the fifth annual Dancing with the Teachers, with the suspenseful tagline of, “Who will win?” We can now proclaim that calculus teacher Ms. Lissner alongside Megan Formanowicz and Sophia Pracil...

An Honors Night to Remember

Students and parents ask AP teachers about their curricula

Celia Janes, Op/Ed Editor

March 16, 2016

El Modena is proud to offer multiple AP and Honors classes to enrich the education of its students.  Our classes are one of the most important aspects of our school’s reputation.  These classes were showcased on Monday, March 14 at the AP and Honors night. The event was primarily to introduce eight ...

What Teachers Really Do

What Teachers Really Do

Alexandra Christensen, Staff Writer

November 18, 2015

No matter if a teacher teaches math, English, science, or history, they take plenty of steps to assist every single student the best that they can. The best part is that their hard work will always pay off. Teachers are constantly planning. They take the pressure off themselves to make things easier...

Best Halloween Costumes

Best Halloween Costumes

Presley Lozano, Style Editor

November 1, 2015

Mackenzie Watkins and Milan Eichler take on Ms. Mull and Mr. Pongco for their Halloween costumes. Why? Simply because their teachers Inspire them.

Guidance is the Key

Teachers guide students to help them succeed and find their passions in life

Christina Davenport, Staff Writer

May 21, 2015

   Teachers can transform a mind in less than a year, completely change a student’s outlook, their work ethic, their future. Although many efforts remain under the radar, teachers at El Mo greatly impact the lives of students and ultimately strive to do so. Their goal is not to impress, not to be ...

Mrs. Lamb: On the Road to Retirement

Hannah Sutherland, Online Manager

April 15, 2015

As for her post-retirement plans, Mrs. Lamb hopes to spend time improving her home, taking European cruises with her husband, and working on her golf game. Without a doubt, Mrs. Lamb’s service, dedication, and kindness will truly have a lasting impact on this campus.

Stiles Goes the Extra Miles

Logo for Parenting OC magazine.

Megan Cox, Front Editor

February 18, 2015

   Every year local magazine, OC Parenting, releases an issue with the top 25 teachers in Orange County. El Modena’s very own Mr. Stiles was selected as the top Orange County teacher in 2015. Stiles works in our Finance and Business department, with seven business and credit recovery classes eve...

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