The Clockwork Oranges: The Riveting Road to Success

The Clockwork Oranges at OC Regionals

Francesca Sarmiento, Photographer

June 11, 2016

   The Clockwork Oranges is a part of a year-round FIRST Robotics Competition program that provides opportunities high school students in the Orange Unified School District to learn and practice STEM skills in an engaging and supportive mentor-based environment.The  team consists of twenty hard working ...

Alumni Spotlight: Malcolm Bowie

THE CLOCKWORK ORANGES: A 2012 Team photo. Malcolm Bowie (far right)

Fatima Shamsi and Francesca Sarmiento

March 28, 2016

Frontline got the chance to catch up with Malcolm Bowie, a former student of El Modena High School who is still involved in the OUSD Robotics Team, The Clockwork Oranges. Bowie was a part of the 2012 Robotics Club which became Team 4322. He continues to act as a mentor for the team and helps out when...

Building Bots, Kicking Bots

ASSEMBLING ALLIANCES: The team poses in the pit at the Orange County Regional.

Fatima Shamsi and Francesca Sarmiento

March 5, 2016

El Modena’s very own Robotics team, The Clockwork Oranges are getting ready to compete and lead Vanguards to victory through their hard work, solid effort, and unwavering determination. Annually, First Robotics Competition (FRC) unveil a new game at Kickoffs (occurred January 9th, 2016) to initiate...

World-class welding

FEEL THE BURN: Mr. Gaines shows the team the proper way to weld in the robotics lab.

Fatima Shamsi, Online Manager

February 7, 2016

  As always, The Clockwork Oranges work long hard hours to be the best robotics team across the nation. In order to achieve that dream, they have taken on the art of welding.    Mr. Gaines along with other FIRST mentors were the minds behind the welding. They believed it was an important...

Let’s Build!

GET READY TO BUILD: Each team will form alliances and enemies at 2016 FIRST STRONGHOLD.

Fatima Shamsi, Online Manager

January 20, 2016

If you have read Francesca Sarmiento’s “Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto”, you probably know all about the FIRST fun we’ve had all year. El Modena’s best and brightest, The Clockwork Oranges have entered build season. A period of six weeks where each FIRST Robotics team is required to build two rob...

Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto

Domo Arigato...Mr. Roboto

Francesca Sarmiento, Staff Writer

January 10, 2016

   As robotics nerds, picture Bill Gates, across the nation eagerly counted down to the reveal of FRC’s 2016 Stronghold game, Frontline was there amongst the crowd, and it was electric...and a bit solar as well. Great minds of our tech future huddled to discuss the possibilities and strategize. ...

All About Bowie

All About Bowie

Francesca Sarmiento, Staff Writer

December 18, 2015

A technical perspective.

The Clockwork Oranges Kick “Bot”

The Clockwork Oranges poses for the camera at the Battle at the Border tournament.

Fatima Shamsi, Online Manager

October 22, 2015

On Saturday, October 17th, 2015, El Modena’s robotics team, The Clockwork Oranges (Team Number: 4322) represented our school at Battle at the Border; a tournament hosted by Team 1538 - The Holy Cows and Team 2485 – The W.A.R Lords. This event was held at the Francis Parker School in San Diego. All...

OUSD’s Clockwork Oranges Robotics team takes St. Louis

The Clockwork Oranges earned the wild card spot for the Worlds Championship at the Las Vegas Regionals.

Hannah Sutherland, Online Manager

April 28, 2015

At the start of the competition, the Clockwork Oranges ranked first, but by the end of the twelve qualification rounds were ranked fifty-sixth, failing to qualify. Themed “Recycle Rush,” the task was to stack six totes and recycling containers. The team was made up of junior Steven Bell, seniors David Mendoza, Alice Bowie, and David Tu, and other OUSD students.

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