Ask Solomon Asch

A sample of the cards handed to the students in Asch's 1951 experiment

Sarah Davenport, Staff Writer

May 3, 2016

In 1951, gestalt psychologist Solomon Asch conducted an experiment to record people's reactions when faced with group pressure. The experiment was held in Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, the foundation of most of his studies. It consisted of eight male college students who were asked to complete a...

In Defense of Fear

Fear can cause one to feel distress and anxiety

Sarah Davenport, Staff Writer

March 29, 2016

While fear at times can awaken one's senses and cause a person to perform amazing feats, most would agree that the feeling fear brings is quite unpleasant. Certain people fear specific things and cope with it differently, but one factor remains universal: people want to avoid fear at all costs. Fear...

The Art of Complaining

Why Whine?: People feel like they need to complain in order to have a common ground with others

Sarah Davenport, Staff Writer

March 15, 2016

Humans tend to have a love-hate relationship with complaining. While it is always satisfying to vocalize a meaty complaint against a friend who wronged you or a school teacher who assigns too much homework, people also associate complaining with negativity and pettiness. How is it then that we are irritated...

Do I Contradict Myself?

Open your eyes and embrace your past and present self.

Christina Davenport, Media & Arts

March 2, 2016

Many of us mature and become very different people from who we were in elementary school, middle school, different from who we were freshmen year. Maybe we've become more kind, more accepting, more open minded, more honest. Maybe we've given up old bad habits that we had for years, maybe we've found...

Tackling a Mental Monster

Understanding mental illness is a necessity

Christina Davenport, Media and Arts Editor

January 1, 2016

As mental health awareness spreads and the world gradually grows more understanding of those struggling with mental disorders, there are still multiple issues that need to be addressed. A negative stigma of mental illnesses and their treatment still remains, and needs to be abominated. We need to star...

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