P.A.L. Alliance: The First of Many

P.A.L. Alliance: The First of Many

Scarlet Edwards, Copy/Style Editor

May 30, 2017

  Today, May 30, 2017, was P.A.L.’s first P.A.L. Alliance with the 2017-2018 ASB class. El Modena’s P.A.L. Alliance was inspired by many other school’s P.A.L.-like groups doing similar activities. The goal of P.A.L. Alliance is to help encourage groups on campus to become more closely bonded....

A Call for Kindness

The Power of the  Positivity: PAL distributed sticky notes to the students to write influential messages to stick on a poster in the quad on Thursday, March 31.

Jordan Cowdell, Front Editor

April 3, 2016

From March 28th to April 1st, El Modena’s PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership) class has worked immensely hard to prepare a Kindness Week for the sake of all students to feel loved, accepted, and wanted as they should be. It was planned to bring everyone back together again after the recent negativity...

Kill them with Kindness


Jessica Cedillo, Photographer

January 12, 2016

Frontline: What is PAL? Jessica Curiel: “PAL is a peer helping program that seeks to help out other students. The peer based assistance provided through PAL is designed help out students who are going through something difficult in life or just need someone to talk to; Such as being bullied, suic...

Introducing PAL! What’s That?

Be a PAL: Introducing the new advisor Mr. Garrett

Jordan Cowdell, Front Editor

August 30, 2015

Out of the tons of activities, clubs, and classes created on our campus, most don’t always get the chance to hear all of the different options, possibly missing out on some wonderful opportunities. One of these includes PAL. When people hear around campus that someone’s first period is a Peer Assistance...

The PALs of El Modena make a difference

The 2014-2015 El Mo PAL club members smile for the camera

Christina Davenport, Staff Writer

January 14, 2015

Aside from helping Pennies for Pasta, the "PALs" hold a door decorating fundraiser, in which the winning class with the best design gets a pizza party. At the Friendly Center, PAL club members help create supplies and an enjoyable atmosphere for the children who visit.

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