Conflicts of Conformity

A guide to a

Francesca Sarmiento, Photographer

May 22, 2016

   We are at a critical age of epicurean ideals where all we care about is our appearance in the eyes of others. Unfortunately, this consumes most girls, and they will go to great lengths to look good, or rather, to look like the latest trending Instagram guru. Painted eyebrows, ridiculously long la...

The Art Of Makeup

True Colors: Makeup is a form of individual expression

Sarah Davenport, Staff Writer

February 16, 2016

Makeup has always been used as an enhancement for one's natural features, yet what does it mean for the female individual? From scarlet lips to shimmering eye shadow, makeup is diverse when it comes to what is applied. Although its physical purpose is quite general, makeup takes on a different meaning...

Gender Neutrality For Makeup

A close up of makeup artist and singer Jeffree Star's eye makeup

Scarlet Edwards, Staff Writer

January 26, 2016

  In the past few years, makeup has evolved into something that can transform the appearance of a person’s face structure and enhance one’s best features. It used to be only acceptable for women, but with these new extremities, some daring men have decided they want to join in on the fun.  ...

Lime Crime Controversy

Lime Crime, the logo

Tori Nguyen, Photographer

April 21, 2015

Lime Crime is a well-known makeup brand run by founder, Xenia Vorotova also known as Doe Deere, who gained her fame by featuring unique lipstick colors such as shades of blues, orange, greens, etc. The brand was started in 2004 and since then there has been many scandals revolving around it. Recently,...

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