Rolling Stone Interview – Alan Mai

Rolling Stone Interview - Alan Mai
Melissa Tea, Online Manager/Staff Writer October 2, 2019

Alan Mai - Sophomore - Esports Club President Frontline: What goals do you have for this school year? Alan Mai: For this school year I am looking especially towards bettering myself where I can and being...

Persistence Paying Off

Scarlett Adams, Staff Writer January 23, 2018

Senior Jason Holzgang gives insight on making the jump from manager to player on the varsity basketball team  Senior Jason Holzgang has been a manager for boys basketball over the past three years,...

Ace, Ace, Baby

Grace Oveson, Staff Writer October 16, 2017

  Sophomore, Hanna Zorrilla, has been playing tennis since she was 12 years old.   Before she began high school tennis, she had previously entered in tournaments outside of school, this is a trait...

Talent is Not in Short Supply

Talent is Not in Short Supply
Alyssa Tierney, Online Manager October 13, 2017

Libero: noun. the rearmost, roaming defensive player in volleyball. Also where the shortest player on the court is located. Standing just above five-foot, Katie Real is one of the liberos for the Varsity...

Super Icy or Extra Spicy?

Colby Hurdle, Staff Writer September 18, 2017

As a new club on campus, Spicy French Club is looking to grow and spread french culture. Avery Miles serves as Vice President alongside VP Maverick cruz, and President Jacob Rodriguez.  After wrapping...

Sean Warren Shares His Story

Mia Gutierrez, Staff Writer September 13, 2017

    FL: If it’s okay, could you possibly elaborate on what exactly happened SW: “So I was on a camping trip with my friends and we were off roading in a, kind of like a dune buggy...

Cheer is Ready for the New Year

Scarlett Adams, Staff Writer August 28, 2017

Going into her second year as a cheerleader and first year as a captain, sophomore Kayden Wagner reveals her excitement for the upcoming seasons, her plans for her team, and her thoughts on cheer and...

Can You Dig It?

Abigail Capra, Staff Writer August 27, 2017

With volleyball season just around the corner, freshman Miranda Fahie is ready to take on the court with the varsity team. Fahie is very smart when it comes to this intense sport, and it will show...

Donnelly Dominates the Field

Number 11 is ready for the season
Colby Hurdle, Staff Writer August 27, 2017

Sophomore Lucas Donnelly began playing football only a year ago but he quickly picked up the sport, as he won MVP and played four positions for the freshmen team.  Watch out for him this upcoming year...

Artist of the Year Nominee: Xavier Williams

Xavier Williams smiles for the camera.
Markus Albihn, Front Editor March 2, 2017

Xavier Williams is a senior who was nominated for the O.C Register's artist of the year by Mrs. Mull. Xavier submitted a segment of the EMTV's series "What in the world is going on with...".  Xavier...

Parayao Deciphers Personalities

An exaggeration of how personalities develop (Photo via under the Creative Commons License).
Ashley Ramynke, Feature Editor February 3, 2017

Roaming the halls of El Modena with a striped scarf and signature fedora, junior Kylan Parayao finds interest in discovering the personalities of his fellow students. Specifically the difference between...

Getting To Know Beaman

Melissa Rodriguez, Staff Writer January 27, 2017

Some would be surprised to find out Mr. Beaman, the teacher responsible for El Mo’s reputable Ceramic class, AP Art History, as well as the soccer team coach, had no idea what his dream job was until...

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