The History Behind Masquerade

Morgan Hill, photographer

February 5, 2020

For many years people have gathered together to celebrate different events. In these times of celebration a masquerade party or ball has been one of the most popular and persistent party themes. The idea of masquerade celebrations has evolved over thousands of years, but where did this themed idea begin? The...

The True Story of the First Thanksgiving

The True Story of the First Thanksgiving

Ely Bustos, Staff Writer

November 2, 2017

  Growing up in the United States we are taught a certain way of the Europeans coming over escaping the tied down religion based in England.   Yet did the Pilgrims share their Thanksgiving meal with the local Indians, the Wampanoag and Pequot? No. That never happened. That is, until its invo...

Homecoming Who?

Homecoming Who?

Alyssa Tierney, Online Manager

October 13, 2017

The exact origin of homecoming is largely contested, but most can agree that Baylor University, University of Illinois, and University of Missouri are the first to have the official event we call homecoming. Even in 1910, the events had a homecoming football game, pep rallies, and alumni events. The...

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2017

Clarissa Covarrubias, Online Manager

May 29, 2017

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of the month of May. We take this day to honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States military.   In early observance, the Civil War ended in the spring of 1865, and claimed more lives than any conflict in the...

The Origins of American High School

High School Football team in the 1940's

Zach Saldivar, Online Manager

September 19, 2016

The first public school in the United States was the Boston Latin School, founded in 1635. That school is still in existence today, and is ranked at 51 of the top 100 High Schools in the country. In the 20th century many High Schools had an entrance examination, which only allowed roughly five percent...

The History of Ms. Conners

Ms. Conners poses happily with a student

Alexandra Christensen, Staff Writer

November 18, 2015

Ms. Conners has been working at El Modena for eight years as a United States history teacher. Her teachings help guide juniors to understanding their own country and she motivates her students to have a brighter future no matter what career they want to pursue in life.   Frontline : “W...

A Revolutionary Test: APUSH Controversy

Created using design

Christina Davenport, Staff Writer

March 11, 2015

Ever since the initial course revision in 2014, controversy has swept the nation regarding the new APUSH course. Some believe the new curriculum belittles American achievement and highlights the flaws, others, believe it exposes the truth. Conservatives critique the new course, believing that...

A Month with More Meaning

Maria Minnella, Staff Writer

February 19, 2015

To some, March may seem like a bland month that is special for nothing except Saint Patrick’s Day, and occasionally Easter. Little do they know, almost every day in the month of March has a special significance. From National Pig Day and Dentist’s Day to Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and Bunsen Burner...

The Queen of All Media

The Queen of All Media

Maria Minnella, Staff Writer

January 23, 2015

   Best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah Winfrey, after years of hard working, worked her way out of poverty in rural Mississippi, to being a self-made billionaire. She is the only black billionaire in North America. After experiencing a rough childhood, Winfrey fought to get to where s...

The History of a SoCal Revolution

A modern In-N-Out with a large dining room and a

Kelsey Luce, Staff Writer

January 12, 2015

The famous In-N-Out is more than just a giant landmark, it point to “pride” and it stands for “working under the same arrow.”

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