Marteen promoting his new single

Marteen is heating up with his new single, “Sriracha”

Jenny Hamburg, Ads and Distribution Editor/ Photographer October 17, 2017

     Marteen Estevez is a 16 year-old from the Bay Area.  Music has been a major part of his life from a young age. Born to a Colombian dad and American mom, his parents always encouraged him to pursue...

Photo via Pixabay under creative commons license.

The Stranglehold of Social Media

Markus Albihn, Front Editor January 25, 2017

Within the age of likes, friends, followers, and favorites, social media has developed an uncompromising grasp upon news, opinion, and any semblance of individuality. One attends the assembly of opinion...

Photo via Flickr under creative commons license.

The Paradox of Hypocritical Thought

Markus Albihn, Front Editor January 19, 2017

In Islam, there is an idea called nifāq. Nifāq is a type of hypocrisy shown in the munafiqun which are a group of Muslims who were said to be unsympathetic towards the cause of Muslims. Outlined in Sahih...

New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

Ethan Simons, Staff Writer January 9, 2017

Renew that gym membership, because it’s that time of year again. The new year marks millions of resolutions being created by people who are seeking a change in their lives. Unfortunately, these resolutions...

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