Losing a Literary Legend

President George W. Bush awards Lee with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007

Celia Janes, Op/Ed Editor

February 28, 2016

Harper Lee, one of the most well-known American authors of the twentieth  century, passed away peacefully on Friday, February 19 at her home in Monroeville, Alabama.  She was eighty-nine years old. Her first book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is a literary masterpiece.  Published in 1960 when she...

Maddie and Tae

Courtesy of Google Images
Maddie and Tae's album

Jacqueline Palacios, Staff Writer

October 17, 2015

Maddie and Tae's recent album "Start Here" was recently released on August 28th, 2015  and became a huge sensation along with the two best friends. The two country artists from Sugar Land Texas and Ada Oklahoma became best friends in 2014 because they had the same vocal coach. The two shared the s...

A New Hope

Daisy Ridley will play Rey... with a famous last name.

Jenevieve Haug, Media & Arts Editor

May 7, 2015

There is plenty of hype surrounding the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens for all fans of the popular franchise. For fans that have been there from the beginning, finally getting to see what happens in the famous universe is incredibly exciting. Star Wars is known for their strong female characte...

Are you a Fan of Kenny Chesney? Check Out Dustin Lynch

Are you a Fan of Kenny Chesney? Check Out Dustin Lynch

Kelsey Luce, Staff Writer

February 19, 2015

Dustin Lynch is a new, modern voice who is bringing back the memories of Kenny Chesney in the 00’s. Lynch is a 29-year old country singer and songwriter who moved to Nashville in 2003 expecting a breakthrough music career. Lynch has released a number of singles and a few albums that have been in the...

The Man Who Has Made His Way To The Top

The Man Who Has Made His Way To The Top

Alex Clinton, Feature Editor

February 4, 2015

Last week, Thursday, January 29th, 2015, Sam Smith, the man who has gone from the bottom to the top in one short, year and a half, performed at the Forum in Inglewood, California. Having the complete honor of going, I was utterly impressed with the way his show ran and how entertaining and fun it was...

Push Girl Book Review

The novel above is the book cover.

Denisse Brito, Editor-In-Chief

January 21, 2015

Jessica Love, AKA El Modena’s very own Mrs. Kim, is the co-author of the compelling and inspirational novel “Push Girl.” The novel is based on true events inspired by Sundance Channel star, Chelsie Hill, who suffered a traumatic car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Hill la...

Macklemore’s New Song, Features the Unthinkable

Macklemore singing (Not with Oscar the Grouch)

Alex Clinton, Feature Editor

January 14, 2015

Recently this week, rapper/ singer/ songwriter, Macklemore, came out with a parody of his once, extremely popular song, “Thrift Shop.” The fact that there was a parody was not what caused everyone to stir and talk about this decision Macklemore made, it was the fact of who was featured in the song....

The British Invasion Continues With New Boy Band: The Vamps

The British boy band is pictured above

Denisse Brito, Editor-In-Chief

January 11, 2015

Boy bands are blowing up left and right in the music industry. British boy band The Vamps are rising to international fame as they embark on their tour with former Disney child star Demi Lovato. The band consists of four core members: Bradley Simpson (lead singer), Connor Ball (bass guitarist), Jame...

Coachella 2015: Innovation at It’s Finest

Coachella 2015 poster set with fantastic acts headlining the tour

Denisse Brito, Editor-In-Chief

January 11, 2015

Coachella tickets went on sale at noon on January 7, 2015 and took the world by storm. Tickets for Week 1 sold out after 35 minutes and Week 2 sold out in 45 minutes. With tickets ranging from $375-$899, this years festival is set to be one of the best so far. Coachella is a music festival that takes...

In The Lonely Hour: Sam Smith Album

Sam Smith when he was still performing to his once, smaller following.

Alex Clinton, Feature Editor

January 11, 2015

Sam Smith, and artist who last year, only a select few people would recognize the name of has broke out and became one of the most popular music artists in such a short amount of time. Thanks to his album, “In The Lonely Hour”, Smith is now being recognized for his own, talent filled songs, besides...

Overrated Music Remains Overrated, Underrated Music Remains Underrated

A Grammy is pictured above that belonged to famous Mexican singer Selena.

Denisse Brito, Editor-In-Chief

December 25, 2014

The Grammy's has officially released their nominees for the 57th annual event. The nominees are very pop dominated, as most of these nominees are new entertainers to the music world. Song of the Year nominees include singers Hozier (Take me to Church), Sia (Chandelier), Sam Smith (Stay With Me), Meghan...

“The Interview” Falls Through

Loretta Cardenas, Staff Writer

December 17, 2014

Within the last month, Sony has received various threats from what was considered anonymous sources. The company was even hacked into and had information stolen and leaked to the public. Many speculations were made about who the hacking was done by; some made the assumption it was IT Technicians the company had recently fired, but Homeland Security was finally able to trace the source of the hacking to a group in North Korea that goes by “Guardians of Peace”.

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