The Foodie Space

One of the interactive exhibits inside the museum by artist Trinh Mai
Sophia Pracilio, Editor-in-Chief February 12, 2019

Attention all museum goers and food lovers: A new pop-up museum has arrived in Pasadena. The Foodie Space is an interactive modern art museum filled with innovative and daring creations at $20 during the...

Line Up For Emily’s Really Good Art

Line Up For Emily’s Really Good Art
Colby Hurdle, Staff Writer May 28, 2018

   Alongside the bands Double Dragg, Chump Change, The Brix, Sidewalk Chumps, and a faculty band set to perform at El Mo Jam on May 18, artists including junior, Emily Garcia are vending their crafts. ...

Spring into the Arts Festival

Junior Vanessa Carroll does an arabesque  in the Nature Center  (Photo via Justin Luong).
Ashley Ramynke, Copy/Music Editor May 7, 2018

   The 2018 Spring into the Arts Festival occurring on May 30 in the Nature Center during periods one through four and after school beginning at 4 p.m., is a collaboration between the different branches...

AP Literature at The Getty Museum

One hundred and twenty AP Literature students alongside Mrs. Mull (bottom left) on the lawn of The Getty Museum (Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Rivera).
Ashley Ramynke, Copy/Music Editor March 2, 2018

Organizing a field trip to The Getty Museum in Los Angeles for a hundred and twenty AP Literature students is an overwhelming task, though taken on by Mrs. Mull with aspirations for her students to gain...

Gwen Wodark? More like Gwen’s Good Art

Gwen Wodark? More like Gwen’s Good Art
Colby Hurdle, Staff Writer January 23, 2018

  AP Environmental Science teacher Ms. Kung encouraged senior Gwen Wodark and fellow students to submit to the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Program, which accepts projects from students as far as China and...

El Modena Murals

El Modena Murals
Colby Hurdle, Staff Writer January 23, 2018

In his fifth year serving as El Modena’s principal, Dr. Saxton has made our campus,“More welcoming and less like an industrial nightmare” by adding countless murals.   Almost any wall on...

Meet the Artists: Heide Baltazar and Angie Sustaeta

Baltazar (left) and Sustaeta (right) pose in front of their most recent mural.
Scarlet Edwards, Editor-in-Chief January 23, 2018

  Seniors Heide Baltazar and Angie Sustaeta live, breath, and sleep art. Both started making art at an early age, and haven’t stopped since. Most recently, the duo decided to use their skills to become...

Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man
Colby Hurdle, Staff Writer December 20, 2017

Portland based band, "Portugal. The Man" released their latest album “Woodstock” on June 16, 2017. For their 2011 and 2013 albums, the band largely relied on an atmospheric, indie rock genre, to comfort...

Hip-Hop Bop Picasso Baby

Hip-Hop Bop Picasso Baby
Colby Hurdle, Staff Writer December 20, 2017

“Uh, I just want a Picasso in my casa,” the beginning of the second song on “Magna Carta… Holy Grail,” begins the story for one of the most artistically influenced songs hip-hop/rap has come...

Marteen is heating up with his new single, “Sriracha”

Marteen promoting his new single
Jenny Hamburg, Ads and Distribution Editor/ Photographer October 17, 2017

     Marteen Estevez is a 16 year-old from the Bay Area.  Music has been a major part of his life from a young age. Born to a Colombian dad and American mom, his parents always encouraged him to pursue...

Stephen King’s Symbolism

Revelstoke Sanz, Style Editor October 9, 2017

Throughout Stephen King’s long, prosperous career in terrifying children through both literature and film, he has managed to change the way people perceive and experience fear. From blood-covered...

Artist of the Year Nominee: Xavier Williams

Xavier Williams smiles for the camera.
Markus Albihn, Front Editor March 2, 2017

Xavier Williams is a senior who was nominated for the O.C Register's artist of the year by Mrs. Mull. Xavier submitted a segment of the EMTV's series "What in the world is going on with...".  Xavier...

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