Colby Hurdle

Colby Hurdle , Feature Editor

Grade - 11

Favorite Color - Aquamarine on Saturdays. Lavender on Sundays. Eggshell for all the rest

Favorite Food - edible Arrangements. Spaghetti Tacos

Favorite Hobbies - getting my discount double check on, and getting the tough stains out. Buying sham-wow, snuggies, mighty putty, marshmallow and potato guns, non stick pans, and shake weights.

Favorite Movie - Anything from Blockbuster

Interesting fact about Yourself - I get my E-vite’s on during the weekend

Favorite Quote - “I want my baby back baby back baby back I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs... Chili’s baby back ribs!”

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Colby Hurdle