• June 55 killed in Orlando workplace shooting

  • June 57 killed, 48 injured in London Bridge attack

  • May 26G7 leaders meet in Sicily, discuss anti-terrorism, global warming

  • May 26Man hijacks Dept. of Corrections van with inmates inside

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Natalia Huanosto
Grade: Junior Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Panini Cafe’s chicken kabob plate Favorite Hobbies: Reading, writing, baking, listening to movie soundtracks Pet Peeve: People who don’t use common sense Fun Fact: I don't want to toot my horn but… I play trumpet! Favorite Quote: “Every night, the sky opens its mouth and swallows the sun in a single gulp. Just to make room for the moon. What a wonderful way to live life: to be full of so much light, but always hungry for more.” -Tucker Bryant  

Natalia Huanosto, Op/Ed Editor

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