2020-2021 Staff

Cassandra Flores

Girls Sports Editor

Ethan Stiles-Fernandez

Boys Sports Editor

Edith Ferrer


Grade: Junior Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Hobbies: Shopping/ Exercising  Favorite Food: Tacos Favorite Movie: Don't have one but 'Up' is one of the sweetest movie I'be seen so far Favorite Song: Don’t have o...

Olivia Frazier

Staff Writer

Leyna Nguyen

Staff Writer

Casey Burgueno

Staff Writer

Bodie Bronson

Staff Writer

Grade: 12th Favorite Color: Red Favorite Food: Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich Favorite Hobbies: Fishing, writing, guitar, and backpacking Fun Fact!: I've got a real pretty cat, his name is Reggie Favorite C...

Olive Sanz

Staff Writer/Style Editor/Music Editor

Michelle Lezama

Staff Writer/Website/Social Media

Daphne Marsters

El Modena News Editor/Website

Maria “Ferny” Urquiza

Staff Writer/Fringe Editor

Grade: 12 Favorite Color: Red Favorite Food: Shrimp Cocktail  Favorite Hobbies: Scrapbooking, playing video games, reading Fun Fact: I cry more when watching anime than in actual sad moments in my life  Favorit...

Leilani Pongco

Staff Writer/Photographer

Grade: 10th Favorite Color: Pink, or if the rainbow counts! Favorite Food: Greek food or really good Mac and Cheese   Hobbies: Basketball, photography, lots of shopping, creating odd pieces of art, and watching Gilmore Gi...

Jacob Boyd

Op Ed Editor/Social Media

Nicholas Mascaro

Editor in Chief/Focus Editor/Social Media

Joshua Pongco

Editor in Chief/Focus Editor/A&E Editor

Grade: 12th Favorite Color: Navy Blue Favorite Food: Korean Barbecue Favorite Hobbies: Tennis, Writing, and Listening to Music Fun Fact!: I play Ping-Pong with my Dad almost every day! Favorite Character: Rock Lee from N...

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