Harry’s Got All the Styles

Harry Styles: Live on Tour, Milan

Abby Capra, Style Editor

January 28, 2020

25 year old singer Harry Styles has evolved from a popular member of the boy band, One Direction, to a solo icon taking the world by storm. Styles not only goes out of the box when it comes to his music, but also style as well. Styles was made the face of Gucci in 2018, and has modeled for many of...

DIY Costumes

Daphne Marsters, Staff Writer

October 14, 2019

   Witches are all too common on Halloween night, so a creative alternative to that is a sorcerer. Start with a black shirt and long black skirt or pants. Wear boots that are dark in color and comfortable to walk in. A simple gem pendant necklace and a half-ponytail complete the look.     ...

Spring Cleaning

Olive Sanz, Staff Writer

April 10, 2019

It’s Spring! Time to re-organize your clothes, re-decorate your walls, and give to charity. When purging, always consider giving to your old goods to those who could use them. Have a garage sale or donate to charitable organizations. There are plenty thrift stores in need of donations here in Orang...

Ways To Destress: Yoga

Payton Bullock, staff writer

April 10, 2019

   Yoga, an ancient Hindu ritual of disciple, meditation, and mindfulness is still widely practiced today. Yoga and meditation consists of breathing exercises and poses that require balance and flexibility. Although there are many different levels of yoga, they all have the main goal: putting the mind...

Beginning a Bullet Journal

Here is a spread for January Week 2, but it can be customizable to any month.

Sophia Pracilio, Editor-in-Chief

February 12, 2019

After years of constant frustration with the cost of planners and lack of space to include what I needed to plan my week, I decided to start a bullet journal, or a bujo as more artistic people say. I’m an avid Pinterest user, so pictures frequently popped up displaying colorful monthly spreads, inspi...

Makeup Your Mind: Don’t say “Ow” to get a great brow

The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade works wonders on the eyebrow

Sophia Pracilio, Editor In Chief

November 12, 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Price: $18 The dipbrow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a favorite among many celebrity makeup artists. The waterproof formula dries matte and is long lasting. The brush is not included, but the product itself proved to sculpt a great brow.   U...

Mental Health Checklist

Mental Health Checklist

Luke Blackburn, Staff Writer

September 10, 2018

Meditate Tell yourself something positive Exercise daily (doesn’t have to be intense workouts) Good nutrition such as chicken, rice Regular sleep schedule Take a break to unwind Focus in on whatever is important in that moment Start a daily journal reflecting on your feelings Put down the...

Do Diets Work??????

Do Diets Work??????

Luke Blackburn, Staff Writer

September 10, 2018

Diets don't work. Going on a diet, implies it’s temporary. In order to truly transform your body and life, you need to revamp your nutrition. You’ll drop weight on a diet, sure. Diets earned their name because they usually work only in that moment. In order to lose weight, tailor a nutrition...

Style is Culture: Vietnamese

Junior Nicole Do posing in one of her favorite outfits.

Sophia Pracilio, Feature Editor

May 10, 2018

Junior Nicole Do, a Vietnamese student at El Modena, embraces her culture with her sense of style. She loves wearing traditional garments such as the Ao Dai during Tet-- Lunar New Year-- and other family functions. “I like to embody the season of the culture, but I don’t wear it to school, ” Do ...

El Modena’s MUAs

Senior Carlie Campbell (left) and Junior Jillian Patterson (right) showing off their makeup looks

Sophia Pracilio, Feature Editor

February 18, 2018

      Cosmo Makeup Academy is an outlet for students to come learn how to do makeup. Two El Modena Vanguards have recently taken advantage of their vast curriculum, which includes color theory, highlight and contour, smokey eyes, and bridal looks.       Junior Jillian Patterson participated in their year lon...

New York Fashion Week

A few looks from the Bottega Veneta fashion show during New York Fashion week 2018

Sophia Pracilio, Feature Editor

February 18, 2018

       Once again, the time has come for designers, fashion gurus, makeup artists, and models to come together for New York Fashion Week. Audiences are stunned with the fall 2018 styles being showcased.       This year, it ran February 8-12, featuring 80 different designers including Tadas...

Back and Better Than Ever

Abby Capra, Staff Writer

January 24, 2018

In 2017, many clothing trends have been inspired by past decades. Styles from the 1980s, the 1990s, and the 2000s have come back and have taken over the world of fashion. Fishnets were originally made popular in the 80s by fashion icon and singer, Madonna. Now fishnets are coming back, with people...

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