Time Management Strategies

Rafael Buenviaje, Staff Writer September 29, 2022

   Life is hard. Mountains of homework are thrown at us without consideration for our other commitments like sports, jobs, and clubs. It seems impossible to manage all of these responsibilities, but...

Hot Clothes In Summer

Natalee Martinez, Staff Writer September 29, 2022

The weather in California is inconsistent constantly, fluctuating between being too hot to function, or functional heat, and fashionistas fall victim to this weather complex. Warmer clothes can be appealing...


Daniel Barragan, Op-Ed Editor September 29, 2022

   For far too long, men have been oppressed by their own creation, the patriarchy. If you frequent Twitter, you would know it said the patriarchy is collapsing and with it, the fashion constraints...

Bodacious Belts

Bodacious Belts

MaKayla LeBeau, Staff Writer September 29, 2022

This belt is now out of style. It was in style in 2000. If you would like to wear this belt that is fine but it is no longer in style or trend.  If you want to wear a belt like this, maybe wear it with...

No For Jorts

Mason Murdock, Staff Writer September 29, 2022

Homecoming is a significant part of everyone’s beginning of the year, and if you went to the dance you might have seen everyone's amazing suits and dresses. You wouldn't want it any other way right?...

Magnificent Morning Routine

Madison Brehm, Graphic Designer September 29, 2022

 Most people still have a hard time getting ready in the morning even though El Mo’s start time got pushed back an additional hour. Take our advice, vanguards and reduce the amount of time you spend...

Are You Being Real?

Grace Russell, Social Media and Website Manager September 29, 2022

   Be Real is a new Social Media app that is taking over Gen-Z. Once a day, the app sets off a two minute timer to post a picture with the front and back camera. Until users share their own photo, they...

So . . . What’s the Buzz?

Finn Drageset, VNN Editor September 29, 2022

In recent months, a resurgence of buzz cuts have befallen the youth of America. From grade school to college and beyond, they have been sprouting up like a plague.    Although this resembles a plague,...

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

Jimena Ramirez, Staff Writer June 3, 2022

This Promposal is so cute because it shows the sense of humor this couple has. Pigs actually flew! It's also cute how they both wore pink.

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

Jimena Ramirez, Staff Writer June 3, 2022

Valerie got asked to prom on her birthday! This promposal was very cute because it was a combination of a birthday gift and a promposal.

A Gilded Glamor Gala

Grace Russell, Social Media/Website Manager June 3, 2022

  Kim Kardashian appeared wearing a vintage St. Louis gown and Cartier jewelry with slicked blonde hair. Her slim fitting gown was a moment, as Marilyn Monroe had last worn the dress in 1962. Kim was...

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

Jimena Ramirez, Staff Writer June 3, 2022

Sarah got asked to prom by Kasey Ayres. The promposal theme of Mama Mia is very cute because Sarah loves Mama Mia.

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