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The student news site of El Modena High School


The student news site of El Modena High School



Sweater Weather

Valerie Sanchez Rodriguez, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

Waking up to that cold breeze swirling all around your room certainly provides euphoric comfort. It indicates the start of dreading getting out of your covers to stay all warm and toasty. It marks the...


November 17, 2022

Jenna Gonzalez Staff Writer    Friendsgiving is a common tradition and event that many people enjoy to do with close friends. Just like thanksgiving, there is a whole feast to eat and be thankful...

Dressing for an Unforgettable Fall

Daniel Barragan, Op/Ed November 17, 2022

   We all have heard of sweater weather, every autumn everyone pulls out their cozy sweaters and throws them on as they step outside and feel that crisp fall air. But that’s overrated. Have you heard...

Family Fun

Jimena Ramirez, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

  Thanksgiving is a holiday where the main event is sitting at the dinner table eating turkey, or ham, while saying what you're grateful for, but there are a lot of fun activities you can do with your...

Thank You Military

Brandon Tran, Copy Editor November 17, 2022

   During the Thanksgiving season, many people immediately always give thanks to their friends and family for the life they are able to live, but when asked if they are thankful for anything else, they...

Recent Fashion Trends

Alexander Hamidi, Copy Editor November 17, 2022

    The clothing industry is known for its regular adoption of new trends and style, a process that has been dubbed “fast fashion”. Innovative designs often spread from models, celebrities, or...

Is it Drip to Rip?

Is it Drip to Rip?

Aidan Polanco, Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2022

Whether you like it or not, it's bound to happen; with enough use, your favorite pair of jeans will begin to wear through at the knees, leaving you with an ever-increasing rupture in your most cherished...

Drip or Draft?

Brendan Tran, Staff Writer November 1, 2022

  Military wear has been a continually prominent style of clothing. Military clothing grew in popularity not only for its utility and simplicity but also for its ability to become a statement piece....

Pump(k)in’ Desserts

Pump(k)in’ Desserts

Eleanor Tjoa, Fringe Editor November 1, 2022

   Pumpkin Bread: 9/10 Pumpkin bread has high potential for savory goodness. When it comes out of the oven, this bread instills a sense of warmth and comfort, however, it gets knocked down for the...

Get Your Costume On!

Grace Russell, Social Media/Website Manager November 1, 2022

   With the popularity of the new Elvis movie, Priscilla Presley is a great trendy halloween costume for fans! This look is timeless, yet new, and will have everyone intrigued with your look. To achieve...

Go Oversized

Go Oversized

Sam Astor, Staff Writer November 1, 2022

   We all know the kids at school who wear tight shirts to look “jacked” or to impress chicks or maybe both. Yeah, they may look cool, but if you’re not a gym rat, I have the next best article...

Mary Janes vs. Loafers

Finn Drageset, VNN Editor November 1, 2022

The iconic shoe brand Doc Martens has broken into the fashion community with its plethora of styles, and a debate has surfaced within this leather-loving community. Mary Janes and Loafers are both very...

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