Gabby Petitos Story

Gabby Petito’s Story

Grace Russell , Social Media/Website Manager October 29, 2021

   22 year-old Gabby Petito, born in Blue Point New York, had been reported missing on September 11th, striking a nationwide search. Petito had lived with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, 23, in his parents’...

Hypocrisy From The Nation Of Immigrants

Hypocrisy From The Nation Of Immigrants

Sara Bowen, El Mo News Editor October 29, 2021

 Recently, immigrants have been seeking asylum in the U.S. only to be met with Title 42 (Removals of individuals who recently were in a country where disease was prevalent) or, to be placed into a detention...

Health Vs. Academia

Sara Bowen, El Mo News Editor October 29, 2021

 For over two years the world has been ravaged by the biological threat known as COVID-19.  Which caused the impact that school used to have on students to deteriorate.     COVID-19 cases have...

Government Shutdown Narrowly Avoided

Government Shutdown Narrowly Avoided

Daniel Barragan, Focus Editor October 29, 2021

   Will there be a government shutdown? If you have seen the news you may have heard this question most media outlets are asking. So what is the answer? What could a shutdown entail? Why is this happening?    Well,...

Candy Corn YAY

MaryJo Dunham, Boys Sports Editor October 29, 2021

   Fall would not truly be Halloween season without the smell of pumpkin spice drifting through the air, the crunch of leaves beneath our feet, and the sweet taste of candy corn on our tongues.    Although...

The Wrong Reason to lift

Finn Drageset, Arts & Entertainment Editor October 29, 2021

The amount of teenage boys lifting weights is reaching all time highs with boys as young as middle school pumping iron regularly. The notion you may think when hearing that could be, “Wow the next generation...

Candy Corn NAY

Candy Corn NAY

Heather Chell, Front Page Editor October 29, 2021

  Though candy corn is one of the defining factors of Halloween candy, it is not good. No matter how many times I give candy corn another chance, it always fails me. Candy corn is way too sweet and not...

The Caldor Fire:

The Caldor Fire:

Sara Bowen, El Mo News Editor September 28, 2021

Summer and Fall seasons unfortunately bring out the wildfire season in California. Dry brush makes great tinder in the blazing and dry heat of California and recently, the rate of these fires seems to...

Crypto on the Rise

Crypto on the Rise

Aidan Polanco, Boys Style Editor September 28, 2021

   Recently, it seems like everything is going digital, and currency is no exception.  Cryptocurrency is a form of anonymous digital money that isn't centralized nor regulated, but is instead upheld...

A “H-atastrophy”

Brandon Tran, Staff Writer September 28, 2021

  Do you like wearing hats? Hats are an incredible invention that are used to keep the sun out of your eyes and make you look stylish. However, did you know that at El Modena High School you cannot wear...

Masks and Vaccines

Olivia Frazier, Co-Editor in Chief September 28, 2021

   It’s been a hard year navigating and understanding the constantly evolving guidelines surrounding masks and vaccinations.     In some places you don't have to wear a mask at all regardless...

Biden Brings the Blunders

Jacob Boyd, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2021

   Americans have steadily made acceptable decisions over the course of 244 years with respect to choosing the President of the United States, perhaps with the exceptions of the Peanut Farmer and Barry....

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