In All Fairness

Jacob Boyd, OP/ED May 26, 2021

   In 2019, Selina Soule was one of the top female sprinters in Connecticut as a high school sophomore, bound to go on to compete in the New England Championships and have the opportunity to win athletic...

Trump is Back on Social Media...Again

Trump is Back on Social Media…Again

Maria "Ferny" Urquiza, Fringe Editor May 26, 2021

   Former president Donald J. Trump has announced and launched his own “social media” platform. His social media is more of a blog where only Trump can send out messages and receivers can...

A Most Complicated Ordeal

A Most Complicated Ordeal

Bodie Bronson, Staff Writer May 18, 2021

   As mass vaccination efforts begin around the world, the names of two pharmaceutical giants continue to make headlines: Moderna, and Pfizer. Both of these companies have been granted emergency FDA...

Myanmar’s Military Coup

Maria "Ferny" Urquiza, Fringe Editor May 4, 2021

  It all began when the National League of Democracy (NLD) won the parliamentary elections in November by more than 80% of the votes. The military viewed it as a fraud. There were some thought that it...

Morality Divided

Morality Divided

Bodie Bronson , Staff Writer April 30, 2021

   For 1,885 miles, the Rio Grande snakes across the arid Chihuahuan desert, before settling into the Elephant Butte reservoir in southern New Mexico. This stretch of river, until El Paso, Texas, marks...

Defense attorney Eric Nelson shares an exchange with Derek Chauvin, following the jury's guilty verdict

Morals On Trial

Bodie Bronson , Staff Writer April 30, 2021

   On May 25th, 2020, at the peak of American lockdown, George Floyd was killed when 19 year veteran police officer Derek Chauvin restrained him by kneeling on his neck. Across America, cries of outrage...

Getting Back at Governor Gavin

Getting Back at Governor Gavin

Jacob Boyd, OP/ED Editor April 30, 2021

   While the average, hard-working Californian sat in despair on his couch, confined to his home, staring down at the expanse of unpaid bills, taking out his wallet to find nothing, burying his head...

Most Recent Mass Shootings 

Edith Ferrer, Staff Writer/Photographer April 30, 2021

   Looking at our current news, we have heard about approximately 45 mass shootings in the past month. Who or what is to blame? Mental health issues? Guns? A hyper-violent world? The answer depends on...

An Update on Biden’s Presidency

Daphne Marsters, El Mo News Editor, Website Manager April 30, 2021

   President Joe Biden has already accomplished quite a bit in relation to his goals, especially after only 3 months of office.     Biden has put into effect a measure that will ensure employees...

The Wonderful World of Online Teaching

Mr. Edwards, French Teacher December 23, 2020

   Ah, the joys of teaching during COVID-19! Every morning I wake with a smile eager to greet my students’ avatars. Since their cameras don’t work, I only see Marvel characters, team logos, wolves,...

Greedy Grinches

December 15, 2020

   The greatest sin, I believe, lies not in greed, nor in lust, nor even pride; it lies in dark recesses of corrupt minds who further the appreciation of Christmas music before Thanksgiving has concluded.     We...

Rallies Held Without Face Masks

Edith Ferrer, Staff Writer/ Photographer December 15, 2020

The rally held by President Trump was the biggest event compared to any of the national events. Masks were optional and during the event nobody within the crowd maintained the required six feet distancing....

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