The Caldor Fire:

The Caldor Fire:

Sara Bowen, El Mo News Editor September 28, 2021

Summer and Fall seasons unfortunately bring out the wildfire season in California. Dry brush makes great tinder in the blazing and dry heat of California and recently, the rate of these fires seems to...

Crypto on the Rise

Crypto on the Rise

Aidan Polanco, Boys Style Editor September 28, 2021

   Recently, it seems like everything is going digital, and currency is no exception.  Cryptocurrency is a form of anonymous digital money that isn't centralized nor regulated, but is instead upheld...

A “H-atastrophy”

Brandon Tran, Staff Writer September 28, 2021

  Do you like wearing hats? Hats are an incredible invention that are used to keep the sun out of your eyes and make you look stylish. However, did you know that at El Modena High School you cannot wear...

Masks and Vaccines

Olivia Frazier, Co-Editor in Chief September 28, 2021

   It’s been a hard year navigating and understanding the constantly evolving guidelines surrounding masks and vaccinations.     In some places you don't have to wear a mask at all regardless...

Biden Brings the Blunders

Jacob Boyd, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2021

   Americans have steadily made acceptable decisions over the course of 244 years with respect to choosing the President of the United States, perhaps with the exceptions of the Peanut Farmer and Barry....

Texas Abortion Ban: It Was a Bad Idea

Finn Drageset, Arts and Entertainment Co-Editor September 22, 2021

   The Texas Senate passed a bill that not only outlawed any abortion past six weeks, but also allowed private citizens to sue anyone for something as simple as aiding a person seeking an abortion....

Texas Abortion Ban: It Was a Good Idea

Heather Chell, Front Page Editor September 22, 2021

   Though this abortion law isn’t perfect, I believe it was a good decision. The “fetal heartbeat law” states that physicians can not perform abortions when a woman is 6 weeks pregnant or when...

In All Fairness

Jacob Boyd, OP/ED May 26, 2021

   In 2019, Selina Soule was one of the top female sprinters in Connecticut as a high school sophomore, bound to go on to compete in the New England Championships and have the opportunity to win athletic...

Trump is Back on Social Media...Again

Trump is Back on Social Media…Again

Maria "Ferny" Urquiza, Fringe Editor May 26, 2021

   Former president Donald J. Trump has announced and launched his own “social media” platform. His social media is more of a blog where only Trump can send out messages and receivers can...

A Most Complicated Ordeal

A Most Complicated Ordeal

Bodie Bronson, Staff Writer May 18, 2021

   As mass vaccination efforts begin around the world, the names of two pharmaceutical giants continue to make headlines: Moderna, and Pfizer. Both of these companies have been granted emergency FDA...

Myanmar’s Military Coup

Maria "Ferny" Urquiza, Fringe Editor May 4, 2021

  It all began when the National League of Democracy (NLD) won the parliamentary elections in November by more than 80% of the votes. The military viewed it as a fraud. There were some thought that it...

Morality Divided

Morality Divided

Bodie Bronson , Staff Writer April 30, 2021

   For 1,885 miles, the Rio Grande snakes across the arid Chihuahuan desert, before settling into the Elephant Butte reservoir in southern New Mexico. This stretch of river, until El Paso, Texas, marks...

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