Freshmen Holiday Traditions

Michelle Lezama, Staff Writer December 15, 2020

When celebrating the holidays, each family has a unique tradition that brings them together. Nathaly Rodriguez, a freshman at El Modena, says her holiday traditions consist of waking up early to drink...

On The First Day Of Christmas…

Maria "Ferny" Urquiza, Fringe Editor December 15, 2020

Students best Christmas gifts received.  Jasmin Silva (12) the best gift she received was a homemade scrapbook from one of her friends. “It was so sweet and out of nowhere.”   Yazbeth Herrera...

A Holiday at Home

Bodie Bronson , Staff Writer December 15, 2020

   The sun’s final snaking tendrils tug themselves above the horizon line, and just as they do, the butterflies in my chest begin making their feeble attempts to break free. I take a deep breath in,...

Garrett Kahl’s New Years Celebration

Jacob Boyd, OP/ED Editor December 15, 2020

   Every year, junior Garrett Kahl celebrates the New Year by inviting his cousins and his grandfather to his house. After dinner, they play a card game called Tripoley until the New Year rings in,...

Magical Christmas

Edith Ferrer, Staff Writer\ Photography December 15, 2020

   Traditions nurture relationships between  families and allow our bonds to continue growing. Everyone has a different way of celebrating the holidays. Watching Christmas movies while eating cookies...

Culture vs Celebration

Daphne Marsters, El Mo News Editor, Website Manager December 15, 2020

   Why do different cultures celebrate different holidays? The common answer is religion. But in reality, there’s so much more to it than that.    We all know that religion affects what holidays...

Christmas Around the World

Daphne Marsters, El Mo News Editor, Website Manager December 15, 2020

Iceland    Icelandic families leave gifts of treats and hand-made weather gear for a gigantic kitty, known as the Yule Cat, or Christmas Cat. If the children did not prove to be hard-working, the...

Thanksgiving Tradition Affected

Edith Ferrer, Staff Writer/ Photographer November 17, 2020

 Thanksgiving traditions are important because it’s a one of a time special ocasión where everyone gets together with their loved ones to celebrate what they’re most thankful for. Everyone has a...

Thanksgiving Traditions

Casey Burgueño , Staff Writer November 17, 2020

   A family tradition of mine is preparing all of the authentic German food. Most of my family came to America when they were around my age, so that makes this tradition very strong. A few days before...

Our Thanksgiving Traditions

Leilani Pongco, Staff Writer/Photographer November 16, 2020

   My family has a Thanksgiving Tradition of driving  over to Santiago Charter School to play football. My cousin Zoe and I usually have no idea of how to play the game, so we learn along the way.   

A Thanksgiving History

Daphne Marsters, Elmo News Editor/Website November 16, 2020

   We all know the story. The pilgrims arrived at Plymouth on the Mayflower and the natives there taught them how to farm. In exchange, they had a feast, stuffed themselves full of turkey and potatoes,...

Native Landscaping

Scarlett Adams, Bulletin Editor April 9, 2019
Landscape your house to be sustainable and beautiful
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