Mike’s Jukebox: Hosono House by Haruomi Hosono

Haruomi Hosono's album Hosono House is an album for the soul

Mike's Jukebox: Hosono House by Haruomi Hosono


Haruomi Hosono’s Hosono House is the natural remedy that could cure any major mental disease, or at least provide the necessary motivation for said cure. It blends euphoria and love in to a calming concoction, leaving the listener with a steady mind and spirit. This is such a significant feat not just because of the masterful production and creation, but because the tone of the album speaks past words considering the entire album is in Japanese.

The album truly is the work of musical magic because it combines funk’s soul with folk’s delivery while maintaining the genius of both genres. Hosono House borrows funk’s thick bass, sparse but impactful drums and numerous guitar licks while giving folk’s core delivery (at least for the first half of the album). Hosono sculpted this album from his numerous influences and made it his.

Half way through the album the tone begins to change. It transitions from slow and smooth to fast and thematic. Trumpets and trombones start to fill the songs giving each song a particular feel of bravado and importance, similar to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Bass. The album goes through this cycle with a single seat, just for the listener, because it certainly is a ride.


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