Always a Child at Heart

A new phenomenon of adult coloring books has everyone’s minds destressed and flowing in creativity


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The Coloring Craze: Many people of all ages seem to be jumping on the coloring book phenomenon.

Beginning in April of 2015, many unique artists came out with adult coloring books containing pictures from their own design for those of any age to fill in the lines based on their own creativity. Ever since their start, these books have been bought and sold to millions just around the United States, but are sold around the globe as well.

These books are in stock and can be purchased at all sorts of hot spots such as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and almost any craft store like Michael’s. So what is it about these books that attract so many color-crazed consumers?

It’s all about the destressing factor. These coloring books are designed to make adults find the right time to take a step back from the so-called scary, stressful world and have a little fun. Through this, one doesn’t avoid responsibilities, but rather takes a break from the incessant calls of adulthood and the craziness life contains. It makes one’s mind go back to feeling like a laidback and easygoing child, while also channeling and flourishing his or her creative side once again.

Also by concentrating on such detailed pictures, it allows one to gain a creative freedom that sooths the body and mind. These intricate drawings allow the adult brain to feel engaged in the complexity of simplicity. Many books state, “Coloring isn’t just for children.” It’s a mind-expanding experience that takes you back to the basic, simple days of coloring inside the lines.

Some books even contain tips and lessons on how to shade, blend, and even understand color as a whole. They show you groupings of complementary colors as well as including a color wheel. The teaching aspects and instructions show an appreciation for art, as well as gives artists a chance for their artwork and creativity to be shared and interpreted in many inventive and imaginative ways.

And that’s the beauty of these books: the complexity inside simplicity. One shouldn’t have to put his or her creativity away simply because of age. Art is an ageless thing and creativity should be too. Let the barriers around the creative mind fly open, allowing it to flow and be free. But most important of all, feel young doing this.

So grab all your crayons, markers, and colored pencils and take a break from your stressful days. Just color it out. As stated earlier, art is an ageless thing; you can be too.

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