The Brother I Always Never Had

A found poem based off of the novel "The Kite Runner" written by Khaled Hosseini

The winter of 1975

I remember the precise moment

That was a long time ago

Its wrong

You can burry it

The past claws its way out

There is a way to be good again


Face like a Chinese doll

Harelip smile

Never denied me anything

Always took the blame


Hassan’s people

Hassan and I

Fed from the same breast

A kinship that would never break

Crawled together

Rode bikes together

Flew kites together

With Hassan

First twelve years of my life

Never thought of Hassan as my friend


Something roared like thunder

The earth shook

Hassan was crying

Ali pulled him close

I hadn’t felt envious

I would tell myself

He was deadly with a slingshot

Assef gritted his teeth

“Leave us be, Agha”

Hassan didn’t look scared

Wali and Kamal

Assef’s mouth twitched

Challenged their god

Humiliated him

Winter of 1975


Ran a kite for the last time

“Amir agha and I are friends”

I bit on my fist. Shut my eyes.

Happened the way I imagined it. – Buried my face in his chest

I forgot what I’d done.

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