Symbiosis and Serotonin

The wonderful sanction animals provide for humans


   People all around seek various forms of comfort; in this comfort, people seek reward, satisfaction, relief. But what about the plain remedy of companionship versus the desire to reside to habitual substance (no matter its severity)? What about the simplicity of seeing a stranger’s smile, or a baby’s laugh? People underestimate the power in the small stuff, and are caught up on problems that seem so big now, and won’t matter later. People don’t need to distract or procrastinate, they simply need a glimpse of relief, a pure happiness.

   College students, business tycoons, moms, dads, students– every person out there has the choice to find their happiness. With stress and added obligations, finding a sense of serenity in every-day occurrences seems defeated. Extra support is essential to finding a sort of balance.

   People all over have began a trend, or simply revived the trend, of utilizing our furry friends as a way to bring happiness back into our worlds. Of course simply having a pup, or a kitten prouncing around spilling innocence here and there could spark joy in many, but this happiness remains an underestimated phenomenon.

What people don’t realize in animal therapy happens to be its most reputable fact; scientists actually believe that this type of therapy can heal depression patients in their hormonal chemical make-up. The soft fur and welcoming smile of a pet isn’t the only contributing factor to its part in the family. Therapy dogs help depression patients, elderly folks, trama children, the physically impaired, the list goes on. The belief that dogs (and all sorts of animals) can reduce depression and increase–or stabilize–levels in serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin remains undervalued.

El Modena’s junior Noah Gomez took 10 puppies under his and his family’s care until old enough to go off to family and friends. He states, “having those guys around was a relief after a long day, to lay down and have them all over you was such a stress reliever and made everyone truly happy.” Gomez talked about the struggle of cleaning up and babysitting the pooches, but never regrets a minute spent.

Animal therapy in all forms has proven to have drastic effects in the happiness of thousands of people. The relationship between man and animal thrives when interaction remains pure at heart, and with good intention. By doing good by them we do good for ourselves, not only that but with this symbiotic relationship we truly can live happier lives.


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