Filter This

Filter's the norm of posting pictures online

Whenever you go to post a picture on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter the very first option they give you is, “what filter do you want to place on your picture?” This option varies from different shades of color, black and white, brightness, contrast, saturation, and structure. There are potentially thousands of options to chose from. The question is why? Why does our generation feel the need to go through all this trouble trying to find the right filter for a silly little photo?

Placing filters on photos has become the new norm. For example the hashtag “#NoFilter” is directly coming from those who normally don’t post pictures without a filter. Point and case of what our generation has come to. This deception is making people appear differently online than in person which can be taken positively or negatively.

There are about 1000 different makeup tutorial videos about 1000 different things you can do to enhance your appearance. According to women’s health the average woman spends about 55 minutes on their hair and make up. Not including the time showering or getting dressed, just on make up and hair alone. Our time we have is precious we shouldn’t be spending 55 minutes trying to look good to impress others. Majority of the people watching these tutorials are mainly teenagers, trying to get that flawless finish without looking like you have put in any effort.

If you currently look back at pictures of when you were in middle school and compare them to kids now in middle school the differences are remarkable. Middle school or’s and teens now are trying to appear older than they really are, which is now being promoted and not look down upon. As a whole we are all trying to grow up as fast as we can. I mean who can blame them, when all we do is encourage things such as wearing more make up, wearing less clothes, and putting yourself out there on the Internet for everyone to see.

When is the #NoFilter going to become #Filter? Ideally speaking now a days not everyone is who they appear to be. With a positive perspective people can appear however they would like others to perceive them, negatively you face the reality of how you really appear in person. Don’t change who you are and how you look, it gives you no reason to be judged. Will this ever change, the question is really up to you. Think twice before you filter this.

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