An Honors Night to Remember

A showcase for future successful El Modena students


Celia Janes

Students and parents ask AP teachers about their curricula

El Modena is proud to offer multiple AP and Honors classes to enrich the education of its students.  Our classes are one of the most important aspects of our school’s reputation.  These classes were showcased on Monday, March 14 at the AP and Honors night.

The event was primarily to introduce eight and ninth grade students to El Modena’s more rigorous courses.  Several students and alumni spoke about these programs, as did the principal, Dr. Saxton.  The speeches were followed by a short presentation on facts and figures as well as the advantages of taking more challenging classes.

Prospective students and their parents had the opportunity to visit tables, where AP teachers could explain the benefits of taking their classes.  Teachers showed parents the textbooks they used and talked about the requirements of each specific course.  Mrs. Lissner even created a poster board to advertise advanced math courses such as AP Calculus.

The benefits of taking advanced classes are numerous.  Students can potentially earn a 5.0 GPA.  Additionally, when a student passes an AP test, he or she has the opportunity to earn college credit and waive a G.E. requirement.

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