What are you Quitting this Thursday?

Quitting isn't always a bad thing.


A few weeks ago I found my self sitting in church early Sunday morning trying my best to stay a awake for our lesson our youth pastor had planned out. There weren’t too many people there that specific morning, so he decided to hold off on the lesson and had us watch a video testimony instead.
It was of this very successful lawyer Bob Goff, who was an older gentlemen with a powerful influence. Goff works along side with a non profit group for Uganda bringing notice to the human rights the children and people of Uganda which they have been deprived of. His life testimony was incredibly intriguing. Goff is also the author of New York Times best selling author of Love Does.
Trying to pay attention as best as I could, I remember distinctly a little piece of advice he gave to his audience. “Quit something every Thursday.” That was it. It started making me ask myself a million questions at once. What do you mean by quit, what’s so special about Thursday’s, and what would I have to quit?
Thursday is your chance to start a new. He was not trying to make his message negative or destructive but helpful. If your tired of the way you have been acting towards someone or something, quit. If you haven’t been taking the initiative on what you should be doing, quit. If you are holding on to something, quit. If you aren’t living out to your fullest potential, quit. The possibilities are endless. Quit what you feel you need to.
The point of quitting something on Thursday is to leave you with a fresh start. Quit clinging on to something because its holding you down. This idea of quit is setting you free from loose ends and broken chains. If it’s in your best interest it’s okay to quit.

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