Living Life to the Fullest

Senior Sam Silva shares his interests and experiences with Frontline


Courtesy of Sam Silva

ROCK ON: Silva poses with a member of one of his favorite bands

What defines an exciting life? According to Senior Sam Silva, it is doing what he loves. Although Silva stays true to his word, the gateway to living a life of intrigue lies not only in doing what one loves, but also learning about the interesting lives and perspectives of others. Silva lives a fascinating life outside of school that goes unmentioned, so Frontline has gained the opportunity of peeking into the life of this young man as well as his interests and experiences.

Frontline: “What is it about photography that peaks your interest and what do you like to take pictures of?” 

Silva: “I got into photography by looking at the abstract side of things. It’s also fun to experiment with angles and lighting.  I think photography is a way to express yourself, I take photographs of the moments I don’t want to miss and moments I want to relive. I like taking pictures of nature mostly.”

FL: “Why do you like going to rock shows and how do you find bands?” 

Silva: “I love going to shows because you meet people that have the same interests as you, you sometimes even get to connect with somebody you just met. You get to hear your favorite songs and bands live, whether it be in the pit or in the barricade. Band members are usually the kindest people and break the stereotypical metal head personality. I usually find out about bands on my own by listening to their music that is similar to my tastes and experiment with different genres of metal.”

FL: “What is your favorite memory of a live show?” 

Silva: “My favorite memory was at my first concert in October at the Glasshouse in Pomona where I got to see my two favorite bands the Amity Affliction and Chelsea Grin. Amity isn’t from the States, they’re from Australia and they were touring at the time so I definitely had to go see them. The vocalist for Amity Affliction got off stage and went into the crowd, and when he did I was lucky enough for him to be right next to me. It was my favorite memory because I got to sing along with him and many other people.”

FL: “What are you aspirations in life?” 

Silva: “I want to be successful in life and not stress over petty things. I want to make a positive impact on not just my life but others’ too.”

IMG_20160308_161425A glimpse of Silva’s photography




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