Nailed It

Girls get their nails done with different nail lamps

  Many girls know about gel nails, a more durable than regular nail polish that lasts up to two weeks.   

  Gel nails need to be dried quickly, so salons use these nail lamps. They either have  LED or UV light bulbs.

  So what’s the difference? Well, while UV is more affordable, it takes longer to dry the nail, uses more energy, and needs to have it’s bulb changed periodically.Although LED is a bit more expensive and can only dry certain nail polishes, it’s quicker, more efficient, and never needs to have a bulb replaced.

  Since UV light is used, some salons will use fingerless gloves to protect the client’s hand. Trouble is, there’s no regulation. So if you do get gloves, they may have been used several times already. Remember that on your next trip to the salon.

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