The Art Of Makeup

What makeup means to individual women


True Colors: Makeup is a form of individual expression

Makeup has always been used as an enhancement for one’s natural features, yet what does it mean for the female individual? From scarlet lips to shimmering eye shadow, makeup is diverse when it comes to what is applied. Although its physical purpose is quite general, makeup takes on a different meaning for each girl or woman.

For some, makeup brings a sense of empowerment and self-confidence. A woman does not have to completely rely on makeup to feel secure, but with a little extra eyeliner and contouring she will be able to endeavor her responsibilities with powerful poise.

Makeup can also simply be seen as a regular daily routine. The process may actually be relaxing for some women since there is satisfaction in its consistency. A woman may find comfort in applying the same color or amount of blush, eye shadow, etc. each day just because there is order in the practice.

Furthermore, makeup can also be considered as art for the face. It is a form of individuality and expression since every woman wears it differently. Some women see their faces as a canvas to paint and experiment on, always trying new looks and colors. Makeup also takes intense practice and patience to master, especially if one is considering a career in the cosmetic field.  Makeup is also widely used for entertainment such as movies and theater performances.

For those who do not prefer to wear makeup, it is perfectly fine to be more comfortable with a fresh face. Makeup should be used for the woman’s own advantage and benefits. Makeup is not meant to define the woman, but to liberate her.


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