A Sophomore Supernova

One of El Modena's young studs talks to Frontline about his path as an aspiring athlete


Sophomore AJ Esperanza walks The halls of El Modena, with a lot to live up to and aspire for. Esperanza had, at one point, both of his parents as active teachers in the El Modena Community. Esperanza’s mother was the previous Journalism teacher, and his dad continues to mentor kids as he stretches their passion for football as a coach. AJ is already a two-sport varsity athlete and strives to carry on his team and their challenges as best as he can the rest of his high school experience. El Modena’s Frontline asks Esperanza about his past, present, and future as a Vanguard.

Frontline: How does it feel to have a father as an El Modena Football coach, and your personal coach?

AJ Esperanza: Its definitely hard, because it’s been that way since I was little, but I wouldn’t trade it, or him, for anyone else.

FL: What is your favorite part of El Mo?

AE: My friends and teachers, but also playing corn-hole with Coach Comancho

FL: What are the pressures of being on varsity the past two years as an underclassman?

AE: There are many, but mostly not being looked down on and being able to preform to not let the older guys down.

FL: Would you say a goal of yours is to continue one of your sports into college?

AE: Definitely, that is the goal.

FL: How has your family supported you to make your goals achievable?

AE: They are always there to support at home, and whatever games they can make as well as giving good advice.

FL: Who has influenced you most in your love for sports?

AE: My dad, with baseball and growing up into it with him by my side.

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