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A way to cooperate with and incorporate the mind's of the students with those in Frontline


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Sending and Submitting: Send as you wish, a note, a letter, and even an email.

As fellow writers, the Frontline staff would like to open up submissions to the rest of our peers. That’s why we’ve decided to initiate the concept we like to call “Letter to the Editor.” In this case, one would get to relay their opinions of a specific page or article or the whole newspaper as a whole.

We’re interested in hearing your feedback, whether it’s negative or positive, and also for future reference to our writers and editors. So feel free to drop off a letter, or simply a note, anonymous or identified to fit your pleasing, into Room 504.

We’re also opening up an opportunity for more students to send in poetry submissions that will be printed next issue. If you enjoy rhythms and rhymes, give us a chime with your poetry that can be submitted at any time.

Don’t get your hopes down if your work isn’t printed right away because we’ll most likely post it in the next upcoming issue. We hope to get a lot of submissions in order to feature more of those hidden talents here at El Modena. Submissions can also be dropped off in Room 504.

Last but not least, Frontline will now be featuring an advice column for you students to submit questions to our seniors or to submit your own words of advice to give your peers, regardless of your grade. Our staff occasionally prints articles that contain “Advice from a Senior”, but together we decided to open it up to the campus to hear your insight about the high demands of high school and daily drags of life.

We highly hope that this inspires you to not only write like a journalist, but to think like one too. We encourage you to speak your mind about what you want to see more or less of. We want you to be an asset to Frontline, working together like high school peers should.

You can also email all submissions to our Frontline account: [email protected]. We hope to see and hear from a good majority because as a representation of El Modena, your opinion always matters greatly to our staff.

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