Flattering vs. Frightening

Sometimes compliments are taken too far

photo via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

  Typically, compliments leave the recipient with a warm, maybe even fluttery feeling. While most are said with good intentions, there are still a few that may leave one tremendously uncomfortable. How far can a compliment truly be taken until it’s no longer flattering, but frightening?

  If your friend gets really close to you and says your eyes are really pretty, it typically puts you in a much better mood. But then, if a random stranger off the street does the same thing, suddenly it’s not quite so warm and fuzzy.

  Recently, a fellow student was at a mall and was continuously being followed by a boy around her age. The person yelled out to her said things such as, “Hey beautiful!” and “What’s your phone number?”

  From the boy’s perspective, he thought he was being chivalrous for complimenting her appearance. In reality, it just made the girl feel ill at ease and just want to get away from the situation.

  Cat-calling is in no way, shape, or form complimentary. Any random person making personal comments towards another is degrading and creepy.

  It’s flattering when someone notices a positive personality trait or change in appearance. It’s frightening when a complete stranger makes uncalled for comments about your appearance only. If this ever happens to you, report it to a person of authority so it may lessen the chances of it happening to anyone else.

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