The Sky is the Limit

The best Vanguard Pride Day yet


Lauren Kliewer

A Clean School is a Happy School: Some ASB members painting the side of Coach D's office.

On Saturday, January 30, 2016, El Modena hosted its biggest Vanguard Pride Day of the year. It is the one day that organizations, clubs, and sports come together to beautify the school. With a turnout of more than four hundred students, El Mo got busy in preparation for their WASC visit.

With the help of PTSA moms and ASB, there were organized charts to direct kids to help clean their area of the school. For example, the volleyball team would go help clean up around the gym. Sophomore Hannah Habibi claims, “It feels good to see the work I contribute to the school.”

As the day continued, the doors and buildings were freshly painted red and tan. The front office was weeded and mulched. Inside cabinets of the office were painted an eye-catching cardinal, and the baseball fields were redone.

Although it seems like a lot of dirty work, Dr. Saxton made it fun as he played radio station music over the school’s intercom. Walking down the hall, everyone was not only working, but socializing and having fun doing it. Sophomore Clark Morgan says it’s not about clearing detention or being forced to be there, but that it made him feel a whole lot better seeing people come together to create a “natural learning environment” like how it should be.

El Modena deserves to be well-kept and our community agrees as they all shuffled down to the school Saturday morning, bright and early. Senior Adam Villela looks around after painting the library and appreciates that “there’s such progress in just a couple of hours.”

To surprise the Vanguards in appreciation for their work, Saxton worked to supply food for a BBQ as local church members came down to grill. Lead pastor, Rick Olsen, shares that they constantly do projects at El Mo like cleaning the bathrooms in the staff lounge and painting the hall pillars. “We’re always asking to help more.”

And so they did. Olsen explains that the Orange County Fire Department brought in their portable grill and the church just came in to cook and serve hot dogs, chips, and drinks. “Our goal is to make El Mo the best school in the community, and we offer any resources we have to help make that possible.”

From the village to the library to the 200 building, the school has immensely improved. In a matter of four hours, students, teachers, and parents forever left a mark on El Modena.

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