A Piece of the Peace Corps

Learn about Ms. Quihuiz's journey as she provided her aptitude of knowledge to teach in the Peace Corps

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With the masses of students, faces, and limited time high school and every-day life provides, it is hard to develop relationships with our peers and teachers at times. Sometimes, we do not discover even the most reputable facts about our teachers and influencers; therefore we cannot fully appreciate their qualifications and life experiences they can offer.
For those who do not know, El Modena’s very own Ms. Quihuiz, a most beloved Biology teacher, dedicated a year of her life as a mentor and teacher in the Peace Corps.
Quihuiz defines the Peace Corps as a, “government program to help establish and build relations with developing countries in several aspects; one of them improving the regions with the expertise of people in specific subjects and jobs.”
Most certainly her definition is humble, as she devoted one year of her life to teaching various subjects of science to eighth grade students of Masutu, Africa. The small village she lived among provided the school a mere 300 students.
She decided to take on this life-changing conquest in hopes of advancing her teaching career in a different environment and a way unparalleled to most. She aspired to become a teacher, went to school, got her credentials– but because of her major and field work, she caught enough attention to receive the job. If she had to choose a favorite part, it would have probably just been providing education to those who were willing to put in the effort and time to want to have the education, in comparison to those who take it for granted.

Quihuiz continues to enthrall students with the facts and knowledge needed to learn to love Biology at El Mo. This most astounding woman truly deserves a gleaming spotlight.

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