Gender Neutrality For Makeup

It's not just guy-liner anymore


photo via Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

A close up of makeup artist and singer Jeffree Star's eye makeup

  In the past few years, makeup has evolved into something that can transform the appearance of a person’s face structure and enhance one’s best features. It used to be only acceptable for women, but with these new extremities, some daring men have decided they want to join in on the fun.

  Recently, singer and makeup artist Jeffree Star has launched his own makeup line. This has increased the social acceptability of cosmetics on men, particularly amongst young adults.

  Makeup is an art, one of which really shouldn’t be limited to just women. Eye, lip, and face products are as valid an art medium as paint or pastels. They certainly apply in similar ways.

  When asked about his stance on men wearing makeup, sophomore Robert Almand stated, “If it makes you feel good about yourself, then you should definitely do it because loving yourself it the most important thing to do”.

  Makeup doesn’t have to be crazy colors either. It could just be foundation, because women aren’t the only ones who have skin problems. It’s becoming less of a big deal to see things like that because of this change in views.

  Now, one can easily find more and more young men on social media wearing makeup, though definitely not as many men as women. Who knows, maybe someday cosmetics will be just as gender neutral as a T-shirt.

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