Adult at Eighteen?

Are you really an adult at eighteen?


Students of Elmodena took a poll on their opinions of the National legal drinking age. One might wonder why we are able to be considered an “adult” at 18 years of age, some might wonder if this is the case than why are we to wait to drink at 21?

What defines a person as they go into what one would define as “passing through” from adolescence to the beginning of adulthood? At 18 we are allowed to legally smoke cigarettes, enlist, gamble, vote, participate in the lottery, be jailed without being categorized as a “juvenile,” buy our own medicine, the limits are beyond us. So why are we not allowed to drink? At this age we are considered responsible for ourselves. At this age children of foster programs are released into the world to themselves. Maybe the continuous growth of the brain at this age could be a settlement to not impairing ones’ health by drinking… But couldn’t someone justify that smoking is also detrimental to ones growing brain? Some say that enlisting and dying for ones country is enough to justify the drinking age be 18. Some say the beginning of college is a gateway to drinking with frats and sororities.

So many just do it anyways so why limit these “adults?” Why limit their freedoms? Some won’t do it anyways, and some will do it despite any law, but it should be personal choice as the “adult” you are at this age. Either this or the age shouldn’t be set at 18 to become an adult. After all it’s eighTEEN for a reason. Why are we giving such responsibility to such a young age?

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