El Modena’s Winter Guard

How this school year’s Winterguard team is preparing for competitions


Sophomore Erika Diaz practices her routine

   When marching band ends, Winter guard begins. El Modena’s color guard team is on the path to yet another new show and ready to perform their hearts out in three weeks.

  This year’s show is yet to be entitled but the song itself is “Theme” from the hit movie “Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind”. It’s a little over two and a half minutes long so the team’s coach will be adding something to the end of the show to make it longer.

  Robert Rodriguez, the Winter guard team’s coach, has an idea for the performance. The show is about feeling lonely and about done with life until each performer realizes that they have all these amazing friends in their life and should appreciate them.

  The theme of friendship is portrayed differently throughout the performance. There is a blue bench as a prop for the spinners to sit together on as well as there are constant trios during rifle work to illustrate friendship throughout the team. There is more to come since the show isn’t finished yet.

  El Modena’s Winter guard team’s first performance is on Saturday, February 13th at Woodbridge high school. They will more likely be performing in the late morning or early afternoon. They will go on to perform on other days throughout the months of February, March and April until Championships on April 16th.

  El Modena’s Winter guard team is looking forward to another great season.

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