Abbey Gaumer The Dreamer

Vanguard Abbey Gaumer shares her passion for makeup and fashion


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Gaumer shows off her dazzling eye shadow

Sophomore Abbey Gaumer has always had a passionate interest in expressing herself through makeup and fashion. Gaumer is known for creating unique makeup looks and sporting artsy outfits. Frontline was given the opportunity to know more about her life and interests.

Frontline: “What is your inspiration for your makeup looks?”

Gaumer: “Well, I really like this photographer named Maisie Cousins. She takes really beautiful photos that feature models with boldly colored outfits and interesting textures. I really love certain textures that feature gloss and glitter.”

FL: “How do you usually do your makeup?”

Gaumer: “Mostly I just do bold eyeliner with different shades of color, but ultimately I love to experiment.”

FL: “What is your style like?”

Gaumer: “No matter what, my outfits always have to have a pop of color or patterns. I usually wear neutral shades that have a splash of something with them. I really want to stand out in some way.”

FL: “Do you work? If so, where?”

Gaumer: “I work at this home decor shop called Justin Porterfield. I think it is a very beautiful store even though people get confused about the name a lot.”

FL: “Have you been thinking about pursuing a career is cosmetology?” 

Gaumer: “I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot, although it is still a little difficult for me to do makeup on a face other than mine. Makeup is like drawing to me, so a person would have to be laying flat like a piece of paper for me to get it just right. Other than that, I love makeup and know that I just need more practice.”

FL: “What inspired your interest in makeup?” 

Gaumer: “In the summer before seventh grade, I assumed on the first day of middle school that all the girls would be wearing makeup, so I practiced all the techniques I had to know to get it just right. However, on the first day of school barely any of the girls were wearing makeup and I had a full face of it on. Still, since then, I’ve always loved wearing it and haven’t stopped.”

FL: “What is your perspective on makeup?”

Gaumer: “Makeup is an art form, and definitely great to experiment with. Sometimes I’ve used entire bottles of product just to paint my face. It’s great to play with different colors and textures, and I just think it is so expressive.”

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