Catch-Up with Choir

Tracking upcoming events with El Mo's Choir


El Mo's choir is rehearsing and working hard to make February and March memorable.

For El Mo’s choir, both February and March are filled with some exciting events at El Modena. Ms. Solis and her dedicated, talented students have been practicing their music, preparing for the days to come now that winter break ended

Valentine’s singing grams are going up for sale around the first week of February and will be available to purchase, ranging from three to seven dollars (depending on the type of gram). As an annual fundraiser, the choir takes specific requests from students, who pay them to sing a love song for someone on campus. Grams will be delivered Thursday, February 11.

On March 11, the El Mo event, Coffee Night, will be held in the cafeteria. This event, cordinated by the choir students and Ms. Solis, is very popular among students since it is a chance for them to have their musical talents showcased. El Mo bands, singers, and instrumentalists congregate and perform for the attendees, who sit back, drink coffee, have snacks, and enjoy the show. Every coffee night has a theme, and although the theme has not been fully disclosed, it will most likely focus on Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least, later on in March (either the 17th or 20th) the choir will be performing at the San Diego Heritage Festival. This is a chance for choral and instrumental musicians to come together and perform in a national music festival.

These next few months are sure to be fun-filled, as well as busy, for El Modena’s choir students.


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