Jump Serving Into the Future

Senior Kianna Snow decides to play volleyball for the University of La Verne in Fall 2016

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Jump Serving Into the Future

photo via Kianna Snow

photo via Kianna Snow

photo via Kianna Snow

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Frontline: How long have you been playing volleyball and where have you played at?

Kianna Snow: I have been playing volleyball at El Modena High School for four years and I have been playing with Club Green for two years and the SoCal Juniors Volleyball Club for two years as well.


FL: What motivated you to first try out the sport and what was it that sparked your interest to continue playing?

KS: When I was in 8th grade, one of my close friends invited me to go play with her at one of her club practices with her. Once I got there and stepped on the court, I instantly fell in love with volleyball. The very next day I started searching for all the volleyball clubs that I could join.


FL: What position do you play on your team?

KS: I play Outside Hitter, and normally the OH is the most athletic on the court. They should know both back row and front row defense and be ready to play any position at all times. Along with defensive skills, the OH should know how to block and be able to hit whenever it is necessary.


FL: Have you ever played any other sports? If yes, what was your experience with them?

KS: I also play softball at El Modena HIgh School. When I was four years old I used to go in my backyard and sit on a brick with a glove in my hand to watch the tee ball players play the game. My parents recognized that I was constantly going out there to watch them play and they asked if I wanted to start playing softball. How could I turn that question down? Of course I said yes!


FL: What first interested you about playing volleyball for the University of La Verne?

KS: The first thing that sparked my interest about the University of La Verne was that it was local. I knew I wanted to go to a college in California, not too far from home. The school contacted me first and I immediately knew that it was the right school for me.


FL: While attending the University of La Verne what will you study and why?

KS: I want to study Kinesiology and at the University of La Verne it is one of the top 5 majors so I know I will be receiving a good education.


FL: After college, do you plan to continue your volleyball career?

KS: After college I hope to continue my volleyball career and play for Team USA. I know to achieve that goal I must continue to work hard and persevere.


FL: How does your family show support for you volleyball career?

KS: My family supports my volleyball career by coming to all of my games and tournaments and cheering me on. They are my biggest support system and I will always be thankful for them.


FL: How has volleyball impacted your life for better and for worse?

KS: Volleyball has impacted my life for the better because it made me a stronger player. It made me a better teammate, a better leader, and it showed me that I need to work hard to deserve my playing time. Volleyball has impacted my life for the worse because not every coach has the same “coaching style”. Some coaches will work me in different ways that have proved to not be so helpful but then again that is only a very few, the rest of my coaches have been excellent.

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