The Majestic Markus Albihn

Vanguard Markus Albihn shares about his life and himself


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Albihn poses confidently for the camera

Junior Markus Albihn is an extremely intelligent and witty student who is of Viking descent. With his magnificent locks and powerful demeanor, this fellow is one of a kind indeed. Frontline has gained the opportunity to interview this clever chap about his life and himself.

Frontline: “What is your family story?”

Albihn: “My father is from a small town in Sweden called Mariefred. He came to America in the 1990’s and met my mother here. What’s interesting is that my mother was born in California but comes from a family line of Swedish people, which means I have even more Swedish blood in my veins.”

FL: “Are you proud of your ancestry?” 

Albihn: “I’m very proud, my long hair is very symbolic of that pride.”

FL: Are there any interesting facts you know about Vikings? 

Albihn: “Well, they are very intense travelers of the sea, and they even made it to North America. Also, they are surprisingly very tolerant.”

FL: “Any memorable stories you would like to share?” 

Albihn: “Last year in AP Word History someone gave me a plastic viking helmet to wear. Mr. Benner saw it and has kept it ever since.”

FL: “Are there any hobbies you’re interested in?”

Albihn: “I really enjoy writing. Most of the time I write lyrics and stories, and I find myself writing almost everyday.”

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