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In conversation with Dr. Chapman, El Modena’s star resident


Fatima Shamsi

Dr. Chapman poses for the camera in her classroom.

Frontline got the chance to interview Dr. Heather Chapman, El Modena’s United States History specialist. Dr. Chapman teaches regular US History as well as AP US History. She has always wanted to be an educator and her hard work and solid effort lead her there.

Dr. Chapman attended El Modena High School and was Captain of El Modena’s dance team. She was also heavily involved in theater and loved being part of Drama. Dr. Chapman took several AP Courses during her time at El Modena High School including AP US History. She states, “I was not a huge fan of AP US History. A huge part of it was that the teacher disliked me for all the wrong reasons.”

After graduating from El Modena, Dr. Chapman attended Smith College in Massachusetts. She was recruited by the women’s college based off of her PSAT scores. She received her acceptance letter early January of her senior year and was ecstatic. Ironically enough, she was not aware that the Ivy League College was not coed until later.

Dr. Chapman switched her major from Dance and Theater to European History and minoring in Secondary Education. During her time at Smith College, Chapman taught a High School senior class which truly drove her passion to becoming a teacher herself. The most difficult part of college for her was the writing. She strongly encourages her students to write as much as possible because college is not about filling out worksheets.

Dr. Chapman considers El Modena High School her home away from home. She loves her students dearly and does everything in her power to provide them with the necessary tools to be successful. Before teaching history, Dr. Chapman taught Theater which is her favorite memory of El Modena. She enjoyed the hilarity of her students and Theater Arts was especially hilarious. Along with theater and history, Psychology is one of her major passions. She received her PhD in Psychology in 2015 and values that to be her biggest accomplishment.

In her spare time, Dr. Chapman enjoys spending time with her mother and her sister. They are a huge influence in her life and her biggest strength. She believes that they helped shape her into a better human being. She is also a huge fan of Batman.

If you know Dr. Chapman, you should consider yourself lucky to be in the presence on a truly incredible woman and a selfless human being. Her students know her to be an excellent teacher but also a lively spirit and their hugest motivator.

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