Fun Socks on the Rise

A trend that will knock your socks off


Scarlet Edwards

Several socks from Blue Q, Hot Sox, and Anne Taintor

  A couple of years ago, Active socks began rapidly gaining popularity. They’re still worn, to some extent, but there isn’t as big of a craze surrounding them now. It’s becoming more and more clear that people are looking for something different and more expressive to wear on their feet. What better way to do that than socks with sarcastic comments on them?

  Brands like Blue Q or Anne Taintor are fantastic places to start. Both brands manufacture unique socks that really say something about the wearer. From phrases as simple as ‘I love bread’ to ‘You say “crazy cat lady” like it’s a bad thing’, both brands can really capture your personality.

  For your inner art fanatic, Hot Sox sells socks inspired by famous masterpieces. You can find socks with ‘The Mona Lisa’ on them in a variety of colors. Or, if you’re more of a Van Gogh fan, quite a few of his paintings have been printed on socks as well.

  If you can’t find anything that really screams ‘you’ from the aforementioned collections, you could always make your own. There are plenty of websites that offer customized socks, for example, If you are not a girl, don’t worry, they also offer men’s socks on the website as well.

  Be careful, these new sock trends may just knock your current socks off your feet.

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