Globe Trotter

The trek begins here, with Evan Parker


Evan Parker

My Own Reflection: Parker looks out on the bay while riding the train.

   El Modena High School is a good example of urban diversity in Southern California. A full spectrum of social economics, with a culturally rich community of students and teachers. A member of El Modena’s senior class, Evan Parker, proves to be an avid traveller, dedicated student, and uniquely creative and artistic individual. She converses easily with a lively sense of humor and a quick wit.

   Parker has trekked and toured through most of Europe and Australia, and is more than happy to share stories of her favorite little corners of the world. She vividly recalls Trafalgar Square in London, England, a large public square with a beautiful fountain, guarded by 4 lion statues, and full of rich history that draws tourists from around the world. Her gaze softens wistfully, “I liked being able to sit on the lion statues, just watching the parade of people walk by as I tossed coins into the fountain.” she reminisces.

   Inspired by her many travels, cultural experiences and exposure to the struggles that so many around the world are faced with, Parker founded the Vanguards for Humanity on campus. She wanted to take action, and share her worldly endeavors with her classmates to create awareness and draw from others as well, in an effort to better understand the hardships of the world and make conscientious  decisions to positively affect us all. Evan Parker is currently president of the Gay Straight Alliance as well, helping to bring a voice to and support her fellow classmates in a constructive way.

   So if you’re looking for an interesting perspective on world views, or perhaps someone to advise you on the best place to get great authentic Indian food in London, I recommend a quick chat with Evan Parker.

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