The Contagious Conception of the New Year’s Kiss

The connotations and causes of the ever-glorified New Year's Eve kiss brainwashing the human mind for one night


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Kissing is Contagious: The theory serves as a constant lure towards all who hear it.

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time of the year mainly for two reasons: a fresh new start and the first kiss of the year. It’s a time where everyone thinks about their lives in grand perspectives of unattainable goals and expectations. It’s a time of obsessing over a certain standard of living your life to the fullest, only to become disappointed when those hopes are not fulfilled.

While it is a night for fun and parties, it’s the time where people become brainwashed with the ongoing conceptions of a successful New Year’s Eve night. It’s becoming such a huge ordeal that most people, upon hearing the words “New Year’s Eve”, immediately ask the questions of who they plan to kiss or which parties they wish to attend.

The thoughts of the ball dropping at midnight are unquestionably associated with the kiss of someone around them. However, not many people ever question why they absolutely must kiss someone or make a striking appearance at a party with that someone special by their side. So what exactly is the reasoning behind these overrated traditions of must-haves or will-die phenomenon’s? Truth be told, there isn’t really a valid answer.

All reasoning became tangled in the mess of differing superstitions and customs dated back to the Ancient Romans. People either kiss the love of their life, marking it as the first thing they’ve done that year, as well as to ensure a strong relationship to last the year, or they do it in spite of the superstitious belief that if they fail to kiss another, the next year will be a lonely one.

Special or not, the amount of interpretations makes the reputation of New Year’s Eve and its festivities blown way out of proportion. Each person or couple has their own reasoning, whether marked by significance or for meaningless fun, inflicting the sheer fact that this celebratory night and the act of kissing will never cease to associate with one another.

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