“Leave It In 2015”

Why wait until the end of the year to leave it?


photo via 123 Free Vectors under the Creative Commons License


  Each new year, the phrase “leave it in [insert ending year]” is used over and over again. The idea of it is to leave all of the bad things in the past year. It’s not a terrible idea, but really, why clear out all the dust only once the year has ended?

  A new year isn’t a fresh start, it’s just another collection of days in the never ending chain of days that is your life. One minute leads to the next and suddenly it’s 2016, the year you say you’ll change your life for the better.

  Everyone makes resolutions to get fit, omit themselves from toxic relationships, and get better grades, among other things. These are definitely a great way to start of the year, but resolutions aren’t just reserved for the new year.

  New Year’s resolutions are the epitome of procrastination; if you really want to get something done, do something about it the moment the thought crosses your mind. There is no reason to keep torturing yourself with hurtful relationships, leave that person in yesterday, or several weeks back. This person doesn’t have to be held onto until the new year.

  People are ever changing, ever evolving, and you can remove someone from your life any time you chose, get a gym membership, or study with more frequency. Don’t stay stagnant throughout the year only to cleanse yourself once the Earth has made a full orbit around the sun. New years do not equate to a new you, unless you decide to make it so.

  This said, make changes and improve yourself throughout the year. Waiting to do so until the end of a year will only prolong your pain, and give your problems time to get worse.

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